Same hashtags each post .. does it hurt reach/engagement?


Thanks! You might be right! we’ll see! :thinking:


No account prospers forever. Each success will have a downturn. How you get out of it determines the fate of your account. When it gets bumpy make sure you do your research to climb back up.


How many hashtags do you use?


30 hashtags always


So change hashtag per each post, or just change it daily? And they all have to be new ones? Cannot be 1 same as last time?


Don’t know what to recommend. I stopped using them early last year because they proved no value to me


You don’t use hashtags in your post anymore?


Time mostly. Took to long. Last year I had good growth without them and kissed shadowbanns almost away. I have a few test accounts and might again use them on some accounts. I personally do not believe they work good as content will overpower andthing used.
Some use them and does wonders yet for me stunk.


What about using hashtags that are not 100% relevant to your niche, yet I scale so good on them.


I grow a dog niche account with f/uf and typically use 30 hashtags on each post. I am using jarvee for f/uf and a different service (don’t wanna promote it) for post automation.
After doing my hashtag research, I kept an excel with top hashtags, middle hashtags and low hashtags and, as I read here somewhere, use only 5 top hashtags and the rest up to 30 are from the lower spectrum.
To make my life easier, I created a doc named Pool of Hashtags and created a few sets of 30 that I could always copy paste, using the 5/25 rule mentioned above.
But that meant I always used a couple sets for “puppies” and a couple of sets for “dogs in general”.

After a more deep hashtag research, I found around 300 more hashtags good for my niche.
So I had to reorganize the sets a bit.
And there are many many more #'s to be added, I found that each dog breed has a good 30-40 hashtags available.
So I’m back to planning and creating more sheets into the excel, now split on breeds, dogs, puppies, sleeping or tired puppies, dog fashion and more.

But I didn’t want to manually pick hashtags from various pools of categorized ones. So I split them again on categories and found this cool web app: (I am in no way affiliated with it, just wanted to share what I use)

And now I instantly create sets of 5/25 hashtags, just copying and pasting there and shuffling whatever number of hashtags I need.
I keep 2 tabs open of this website, one shuffles my top 5 hashtags and the other my 25 ones.

I don’t know yet if this is better than posting the same sets as previously, but my posts still gain around 150-400 likes per post (850 followers on my account at the moment).

The next step is to identify which ones performed best and do a shuffle out of them.




MIND BLOWN by the shuffle tool Similar to you I’ve been scraping hash tags and keeping logs of high ranking tags within my nich and manually selecting 10/14 5/24 becuase I always use one custom branded tag for each post, but the shuffle tool will definitely help me save some time!


Great tool man thanks for the tip!


Alex, you got me, man! I’ve spent hours thinking about what we talked here on the forum and I did a small experiment to test your theory. :sweat_smile:

I did a new experiment following your advice using a new account!

I think you made a good point and I just wanted to follow up with you and tell you that using different sets of hashtags is at least 10x more effective.

  1. You’re right - you might be flagging IG by using one set of hashtags and as well reach is very small.
  2. Using different sets of hashtags will get you bigger exposure, more profile visits, and more followers.

This is what I did: posting 10-15 times a day using a total of 80-100 hashtags and constantly spinning these. I use per post between 15-22 hashtags on average.

Results are blowing my mind!!! I’m averaging 600-700 followers a day.

Thank you!


good to see it work.


How are you finding that many ‘good’ hashtags for spintax to use?


You could use something like to find quality hashtags. Just like when you pick and chose your target sources, picking ‘good’ hashtags could be very important as well.


Find 50 good hashtags and use mp to find related ones.
Once you have 200 hashtags, Inspect them manually.
Do not overlook this step.
You can’t rely on using only related hashtags without inspecting them. Make sure you’re using the right hashtags. E.G. Brides Photo - Wedding hashtags. Don’t go after irrelevant hashtags.:smile:

Using dynamic hashtags tab in repost tool you’ll be able to post them in comment sections of a new post. I divide hashtags into two boxes:
Left box - big hashtags 900k + post count. I use 30% of these
Right Box I pick 70% of hashtags that are between 100k-700k post count.
Max hashtags per post 15-25

If you rank on small ones, you’ll get enough likes and momentum to rank on big ones.

Hope this was helpful. :blush:


P.S. This will not work for you if you don’t have enough organic likes to push small hashtags and rank under top 9.

I did my research based on how many likes I can estimate to receive organicaly ( based on this I am using average numbers of likes + comments of small hahtags knowing that I can rank)

Make sure you have these numbers in place :relaxed:


I changed the strategy. I am using between 15-29 hashtags per post :blush:


How come that range?

I’ve read about ideal amount of hashtags a couple of places from people claiming to have some type of “special” or “inside” info. One of the “special” sources claimed 10-15 to be ideal, the other 15-20. The sources might be bs for all I know though.