Servers Ultimate Pro / Proxy Server pro - Turn your phone into a 4g Proxy

I don´t know if anyone heard about this 2 apps

-Servers Ultimate Pro
-Proxy Server Pro

I have been trying to set up my own proxy in my phone but it is harder than i thought.
This 2 apps are not like allproxy, proxidize etc which are proxy resellers.

If anyone could take a look at this, it would solve us a lot of problems. For people that manage a small number of accounts it would be a lifesaver.

Thank you

Yeah I agree that proxidize definitely does something with their app. My data usage was crazy with that. But when I switched to proxidize setup with dongles my data only gets used when i use it.

Probably why Google play shut down the app.

I have used servers ultimate but a guy setup my proxy for me and he used his own vpn on it. Which had ports open etc. So, I couldn’t replicate it on my own.

I am not feeling safe with those apps. I am getting EV PVs everyday for 10 days in row. We need to make our own, these 2 apps are safe you set the options and create the proxy yourself.

Need to find out a way how to make them work in our phones.


I wrote their support an email asking for help let´s see if they answer. I will share everything here.


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There was a big wave about 10 days ago that hit most people and most people had to shut off their setup for a period of time. This could be what you are experiencing.

I didn’t have issues with running 10 phones with proxidize apart from the data used. This was only a few months ago.

Maybe, turnoff your accounts for a day and warm them back up.

Are you rotating the ips?

I have tried rotating ips i installed macro droid and i set it up to activate airplane mode for 30 sec and then deactivate it, this every 30 min, but i used to get more and more PVs so i let it natural then it started working normally.

This is what is making me go nuts

I left it 3-4 days and tried today and i am still stuck.