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#Buy SIMS & Online Phone Verification
The best online phone verification service…

As social media marketers, aside from getting your accounts banned, there is one other nightmare event that makes all of us scratch our heads – phone verifications.

With the growing number of people spamming almost every social media platform, the level of security in the form of phone verifications is also at its all-time high. For us marketers, this is a daily occurrence.

Some unlucky ones bought from shady online verification providers, getting almost all of their accounts banned. Many have reported that the numbers these companies use are being provided to several users, making all of their accounts linked and inevitably – ACCOUNT DISABLED

Others found reliable SIM card providers online that can ship to their countries. But sometimes, it takes too long to receive these SIM cards and your accounts pending verification get banned. Now, you have to go through the entire recovery process – which is another nightmare.

The rest of us are forced to buy SIM cards locally and pay expensive monthly costs to keep them active.

This method is great if you are only managing a few accounts. But if you are managing hundreds or more, this becomes extremely expensive and lowers your profit from monetized accounts.

Not only will this be expensive, it will require lots of time to do manually. You will have to:

  • Buy an unlocked phone
  • Put the SIM in
  • Wait for it to receive a signal
  • Send the verification code
  • Receive the code
  • Verify the account
    … and repeat the process for each and every account.

Lastly, in some countries, buying large amounts of SIM cards is restricted and may even cause unwanted attention from the police.

At SpeedyVerify, we have you covered!

Not only can you order thousands of SIM cards for cheap, you can also get credits to hire our Virtual Assistants to assist you with verifying your accounts.

#Why Choose Us?
##SIM Cards

  1. Thousands of SIM cards available, all from the Philippines. No restrictions, no ID needed, which means we can get as many as you need and restock yet again for the next customer!
  2. Unique and dedicated numbers for everyone. Each customer gets a unique SIM card that they can use for their account as long as they want. Your SIM card is exclusive to you alone!
  3. Expiration date of sim cards – December 31, 2018! More than a year for each SIM card we have and even longer for the ones we will newly acquire.
  4. You can extend the life of your SIM cards indefinitely. We will notify you at least a month before your SIM cards expire. For a fee (to be used for airtime credits), you can extend this as much as you want.
  5. Works on any major social media account, no matter which country’s IP it runs at. Proven and tested on all major country proxies and IPs – US, UK, EU, Singapore, Japan, India, and Korea (and Philippines, of course)!
  6. No hassle on your part. Once you buy from us, we’ll take care of inventory, labeling, and organization of your SIM cards for easy access.

##Virtual Assistant Service

  1. Receive your code within 60 seconds. Using several phones at once, we can receive your codes within seconds when you sent it, relay this information to you, and still be ready for the next code you’ll send.
  2. Available 24/7. We have an army of Virtual Assistants available day and night whenever you need to verify your accounts.
  3. Organizational skills at its finest. Your SIM cards will be labeled and separated from the pack so should you need to reverify, we can locate the numbers you need in a matter of seconds!

#Why In The World Would You Buy From Us?
Save time and effort, and use your free time for more important aspects of your business.
We all share the same number of hours everyday. Let us do the grunt work while you focus your time on the more pressing aspects of your business:

  • marketing
  • gathering more clients
  • devising your marketing strategies
  • spending more time with family & friends.

#How to Order
1 - Purchase the desired amount of SIM cards you want to order & add it to your cart.

2 - Purchase the desired amount of Verification Credits you want to order & add it to your cart.

Each verification costs 1 Verification Credit. The more Verification Credits you purchase, the lower the cost/verification. If you have credit left over, they will be applied the next time you need verification. This new pricing structure ensures that you only pay when your accounts need verification.

3 - Complete your order

We accept PayPal or BitCoin.

#Where to Order:
You can order at our website – https://SpeedyVerify.com

For inquiries, you can use the LIVE chat function on our website. Any of our virtual assistants would be more than happy to answer your questions.

Or you can also comment on this thread and I’ll answer your questions as soon as I can. :slight_smile:

#Verification Process

  1. Upon checkout, you will be asked to provide us a security access code. This code is for us to verify that it is the real you asking for verifications with your SIM cards. NOTE: Do not share this code to anyone. Doing so will give them access to your SIM cards. We are not responsible for any banned accounts resulting in the failure to keep your code secret.
  2. Go to our website and talk to any of our live agents. They will ask you for your code and how many accounts you want to verify.
  3. They will give you the number you can use for a specific account. Just send the code and we will receive it on our end.
  4. We will relay your verification code on the chat session.
  5. The process repeats until you’ve verified all the accounts you need to verify.

Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Your Website Offer?

Sim Cards
We sell SIM cards from the Philippines in bulk. The main purpose for these SIM cards is for you to use them to verify your social media accounts. You can also use them to send and receive text messages for any purpose you need.
Virtual Assistants
Our Virtual Assistants is an optional service which you can choose to use. The purpose of a Virtual Assistant is to verify your social media accounts for you. This will save you time (especially if you need to verify lots of accounts every day). Our Virtual Assistants will also organize your SIM cards for you and give them a nickname of your choosing for quicker verifications.

How To Use Our Virtual Assistants

Step #1 - Purchase SIM Cards

Before you can use our Virtual Assistant service, you will first need to purchase SIM cards (click here) . The phone numbers attached to your SIM cards will be sent to you via email upon ordering.

Step #2 - Purchase Verification Credits (Click Here)

These Verification Credits are the form of currency our Virtual Assistants require in order to verify your account. Every time you request to receive a verification code, the Virtual Assistant will charge you 1 Verification Credit.

If you need to verify 100 accounts, they will charge you 100 Verification Credits.

The cost for Verification Credits vary depending on how many you choose to purchase. The more you purchase, the cheaper the cost per credit.

Step #3 - Send us a message on Live Chat
On the bottom right of our website we have a Live Chat feature. This will allow you to quickly contact a Virtual Assistant to verify your social media accounts.

Simply click the Live Chat on the bottom right, enter your name followed by your email, and your secret access code. You will then be contacted shortly by one of our Virtual Assistants.

If the secret access code you provided is correct, the Virtual Assistant will request the phone number you would like to use. They will tell you once the phone number is ready to receive a text message.

At this time, you can login to your social media account, and click the phone verify button. A code will then be sent to the number you provided the Virtual Assistant.

The Virtual Assistant will charge you 1 Verification Credit, and relay the verification code to you. Simply enter that code into your social media account, and your account is now verified.

How will we know that only us are using the sim cards we bought and that each customer gets a unique sim card?

Unfortunately, there’s no way we can prove this unless we open our books to everyone, which we can’t do for the security of each customer’s accounts. However, there is an indicator when somebody else used your sim card.

Whenever a phone number is used to verify an account, it gets attached to that specific account. If you noticed that the phone number attached to your account suddenly disappeared, this is a strong indicator that somebody else used your number.

Something that wouldn’t happen with us.

However, this doesn’t apply to customers who are using their sim card to verify more than 1 account on the same platform (which we do not recommend).

What time are you available to do phone verifications?

We are available 24/7. Whenever you need your accounts verified, just contact us using the Live Chat function on our website… We have Virtual Assistants working round-the-clock to make sure we can take care of our customers anytime they need verification.

If a specific customer needs to phone verify a large number of accounts on any given day, we can also assign a specific VA for that customer alone.

How long does the sim cards last?

Each of our sim cards last for 1 year. You will receive a notification email 2 months prior to expiration.

Will Philippines sim cards work on my account if they were registered and being run in the US?

Definitely. It has been proven and tested on every other customers we have. It doesn’t matter where the accounts are being ran or where you’re from.

The whole point of a phone verification is to verify that you are human. Therefore, social media platforms doesn’t care much about the origin of the phone number, as long as you have one.

Can I use the same number to verify more than one social media account?

Yes you can! You can purchase a SIM card, and use the same SIM to verify multiple accounts on different social media platforms.


You can use SIM #1 to verify…

1 Instagram account
1 Facebook account
1 Twitter account
1 Gmail account
1 Tumblr account
1 Linkedin
1 Pintrest

and any other social media platform.

Note: Each verification will cost you 1 Verification Credit.


We highly recommend not using the same SIM to verify multiple accounts on the same social platform. This can get the phone number banned and your accounts following suit.

2 Instagram accounts
2 Facebook accounts

Can the Virtual Assistants label my SIMs?

The main function of the VAs is to receive codes you send and relay them to you. The VA can also label your sim cards to make verification easier for you.

Instead of telling the VA “I want to do a re-verification for phone number 123-456-789” you can tell the VA “I want to do a re-verification for Acc #1”.

How To Give Your SIMs A Nickname
After you purchase your SIM cards, you will receive a list of your phone numbers like this…


In order to apply a nickname to your phone numbers, you will need to add…

123-456-789 (Your Nickname Here)
123-456-788 (Your Nickname Here)
123-456-787 (Your Nickname Here)

…and send them to the Virtual Assistant using the live chat. Our Virtual Assistant will then take note of that on your customer profile and make sure all sim cards are labeled as such.

Examples Of Nicknames
123-456-789 (Acc #1)
123-456-788 (Acc #2)
123-456-787 (@Username1)
123-456-786 (@Username2)
123-456-785 (Bob)
123-456-784 (Sarah)

Can I choose a VA?

In order to better serve your needs, we rotate our virtual assistants on a shift-by-shift basis. If you want to be helped by a specific VA, you can time your verification’s on the time he/she is available.

Other than that, we cannot guarantee a specific VA for you.

Can I hire a dedicated VA?

This is an option we have yet to explore. We may offer this to clients who verify accounts in huge volumes on a daily basis – as a free service.

Other than that, it is a topic open for discussion. Please reach out to us via the live chat if this is something that interests you.

Can the VA access my VPS and send the codes (as well as receive them) on my behalf?

Definitely! But of course, this is a totally optional part of our service as there’s trust involved.

For customers who are willing to put their trust on us, we can do this so there’s virtually no more work needed on their part. The method for verification (External Browser or API), wait times before clicking ‘VERIFY’ on MP, etc., can all be pre-set by the customers and we’ll follow it to the letter.

For those who aren’t comfortable, we can still stick to the regular method, them sending and us receiving the codes.

I already have a VA in the Philippines. Can I buy my sim cards and have them shipped to him/her?

Absolutely! Just tell us where to ship them and take care of the shipping fee and we can get your sim cards to your VA in a snap! :slight_smile:

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Let’s start this with a bang!

Use the coupon code covidcanttouchthis to get 50% off your entire cart. Valid only for the month of June! :wink:

Let’s turn those PV accounts into VALID!


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can you correct this ? What would be the expiry date of sims if i buy them this month ? What’s the cost to extend the sim after one year ?

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Sorry about that @tux. Just used the old thread as I’m still doing a sales thread graphic (and I suck at graphics stuff).

Expiration date is 1 year.

100 Nrs delivered in less than 24hrs :+1: So far so good…

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hello! does your numbers work with twitter?

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Bought 100 numbers yesterday. They were delivered in 3-4 hours. Tested the service - it was a breeze. cliff and kraad were kind enough to help me out with any questions I had. Totally worth the price. Buying a lot more sims if they can maintain the service quality


Works like a charm! :wink:

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Use the coupon code covidcanttouchthis to get 50% off your entire cart. Valid only for the month of June! :wink:

Let’s turn those PV accounts into VALID!

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Use the coupon code covidcanttouchthis to get 50% off your entire cart. Valid only for the month of June! :wink:

Let’s turn those PV accounts into VALID!

Use the coupon code covidcanttouchthis to get 50% off your entire cart. Valid only for the month of June! :wink:

Let’s turn those PV accounts into VALID!

Use the coupon code covidcanttouchthis to get 50% off your entire cart. Valid only for the month of June! :wink:

Let’s turn those PV accounts into VALID!

Use the coupon code covidcanttouchthis to get 50% off your entire cart. Valid only for the month of June! :wink:

Let’s turn those PV accounts into VALID!