Suggest me best sources


If people are paying you, and you can’t deliver. You expect people to give you a bunch of sources for free?




You aren’t even asking for help in how to find sources, you are just straight up asking people to do the work for you for free.


Nobody is going to give it to you for free I am afraid. You gotta keep changing the sources until you find the good ones. Look at the tags your clients use for example. Get hundreds of sources and remove the poor ones.


Another recommendation for @MojoJojo, just in case it didn’t sink in. There are “free” strategies out there, so you may improve more and more on what you’ve done and get decent at it in time, but lots of people happily use @MojoJojo’s services, so if you have the client budget and would prefer to save that time then it is a good idea.


If you need resources, level 2 and 3 have plenty of methods and guides on how to find them.

But just straight asking to be :spoon::spoon: spoon fed is a no no around here. Be polite, ask good questions and people will be helpful. Straight up asking people to do your job for you will earn you some ridicule usually.


Part of the fun in this marketing space for me is finding and eliminating the bad sources. And nailing down the list of top performing sources for each client.

This is the type of stuff that can raise their ROI while working with you…

Above all, nothing beats testing.

Also, paying experts to help you put your best foot forward & save research time & headache if you don’t know where to begin.


But are you going to give him sources tho?


Why not gimme pizza too?


I did a search and found this… I’ve used him and he’s great!


So… no sources then?


Here’s some sources for you;



Best sources!


Lol. Thanks for the replies… I’am going through hastags and find sources according to client’s niche. What I observed is that, I got good follow back ratio from the influencer’s page as a source. But, these are some niches which I have mantioned above that I am struggling through.

What advice do you guys can give to avoid follow kids. My clients sometime complain that they are getting too much kids in their account.



I would highly recommend working on getting into level 2 and up. There is some really good guides including keywords etc.


Hi @Mehul

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For sure you have over complicated the process and it is just based on trial and error, One thing to try is to ‘Follow’ a source that is working for you and trying out the suggested sources.


And check out some sites there and run those pics throught a batch image processor like

Be more creative with your search dude. Get a udemy course or some youtube video “how to search” :wink:


IThats what I am doing since year. I have problem in searching some sources and I am working on it.


Thanks bro. @Testo


A real basic manual way to get a list for starters would be to go on your phone, find one high quality relevant source, follow it and see the suggested users come up and then go through that list and note down all the relevant ones that seem good. And then ones that seem particularly good, you click on them and do the same thing and follow them, find suggested users for them and write them down. This can also be done through certain softwares, but since you’re only doing some accounts you could probably achieve this manually with a little effort. And from there, hopefully your software has a way of giving you data on who has followed back from each source so that you know what works and what does not. If not, do your best to work out what sources are working.

Also, if your software allows for following by hashtag, then for some niches that might actually work fine. E.g. for organic food, people who make the effort to put #organicfood or things even more specific probably have a decent interest in that field. Or for the other ones, stuff like #dentalhygienist or #dentalassistant would be relevant because not many people would just put that on their posts unless it’s relevant.


If you are using engagement groups related to your niche and doing everything mentioned above, do the following:

  • Write down the names of accounts that are similar to yours.
  • Pop in to socialblade and type their names in the search bar
  • If you can see that followings fluctuate a lot, it means that they are using f/u method
  • If they followers grow in the same time, means it’s working for them so you can target these accounts as sources

Ps. It doesn’t necessary means that they would work for you, but it is a good place to start imo