This is getting a joke. Can't post pics

That’s what she said


im getting close to 4 million. it’s big enough, maa’m .:slight_smile:


Well someones got a big one :rofl:

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I can confirm 2 types of posting problems because I got them both on some of my accounts and clients.

  1. The post is posted and then is deleted quickly

  2. The ‘violates community standards’ message and the post is deleted.

These are posted on good, non automated accounts. It seems to be a major bug and hopefully will get fixed.


Posting and having the post deleted right after, happened to me.
I could not post for a week, after a week i was able to post and i started posting normally then here i am today blocked again still cant post i have to wait 7 days again

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I can comfirm the same on a real phone and real mobile connection however it seems like the post can go through once on a proxy and automated. What does that tell you? It wont show a violation error until you yourself try to like the post right after it’s posted several times. I wouldnt trigger it though cause i feel like it might be bad on the trust score but that’s just guessing for now.

also happened to me a couple of times. I waited about 10 days and then tried again. So it worked for me.

7 days for me

its actually happening to everyone.Im seeing stories of everyone saying they cant post

What area you in? Wondering if it’s worldwide this issue @arlind14

a way i found around it is to post in stories and then share as post


Thanks! Will test it out.

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whenever j gets posting errors after I reset the device id it always is fixed and reposting works normally again.

This is for manually posting with a phone

Seems to work on some blocked others nothing

I have one account that is not working even that way

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out of my 16 blocked, 7 posted thru stories, the others got deleted. not perfect, but some did post and thats better than nothing

2nd method to post 100 percent success rate if blocked.
go to your desktop and change fox ( not chrome!!) to mobile, post from there.

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It looks like they are blocking the application so much that it is almost impossible to use it.


im from albania but im seeing people from germany,switzerland,india etc, who cant post

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