TikTok let's crush it now for financial freedom

this is clearly the time to go all in with this platform.
We don’t even need a bot for growing accounts (but I kindly ask a LV3 section to let @customlogovideos shares his knowledge)

Just open the app for 2 days and follow the right content, you will realize how much better is than IG.

I read every posts here and I feel we’re at level 0 knowledge down here!
I still dunno nothing about algorythm, right hashtags, right sounds, music, trends and effects to use.

what’s the best reposting technique?
what’s the best way to manage multiple accounts due to the 1 account device limit?


For the 1 account per device maybe you could use parallel space ?

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SO… What I managed to do so far is a Viral Fitness Meme page - I’m downloading full 5mins youtube video and cutting it for 15 sec videos with alittle edit (random simple apps nothing special)
Choosing some viral sounds and there you go …

Yet, didn’t hit greater than 65K views on a video and already uploaded 10…

Share you exp guys :smiley:


It still feels too early in the platform but make a few basic tests and share the results.

That’s usually how we grow the knowledge base.

Begging the higher levels doesn’t sound like the way to go :see_no_evil:

Test a hypothesis and go with it

There’s already a few videos on YouTube covering some basics…

I saw this one yesterday which seemed like good advice:

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I have a fitness themed tik tok too. I sent you a pm

65k is nice! good work! Are you using any automation? I am curious

Do 1 day old accounts have the same potential reach as say a 6 month old account? If not, how should we approach this situation if we want to get to the obvious goal of going “viral” ASAP


Ask @customlogovideos on this. I know you still have huge viral potential as a brand new account, but there might be a upper limit(It would still be super high)

Firstly this is an awesome thread! Great questions are being discussed. :smiley:

I have 360 followers so far I’ve made 17 videos and have 664 total likes. I feel like this is pretty bad. My content has been good IMO. But nothing viral. Highest views was 3k.

My TikTok is cadecombs if you want to give me your opinion.

I have 2 other accounts logged in to my phone…I’ve heard it’s bad to have more than one logged in. If I log out, will the consequences be reversed? Or is my device fucked now? Someone explain this plz!

No it wont hurt much. But use only 1-1/ device. I have tried 2-3 accounts, after a 2-3 weeks it wouldn’t get the same exposure. If the content is good both accounts should work out without any issues. You can try one in parallel space.