[TOOL] - Jarvee Scrapers Import Formater

Hello !

I created a little tool to help you to import scraper accounts on Jarvee.

It’s extremely simple, just past you login:pass list and the tool will automatically convert it to the right format without the need of excel or anything else :+1:t3:

Download link : https://apx.sh/download/Scraper%20Acc%20Format%20Editor%20V0.1.zip


Nice, thanks!

I havent tried it yet but will this work for converting regular accounts as well and importing? Or is this only for scrapers?

Looks interesting. Will check it later

Sure it should works !

You just need to replace the tag “scraper” that will be set in all imported accounts :slight_smile:

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will give this a try. thanks for sharing

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Thanks! This one will be a big help to those who wish to add a lot of scraper accounts.

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Thanks @Apex, this really looks great and it will be to great use for us all :pray: :pray:

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nice share @Apex this is a helpful add, many users will benefit thanks :+1:

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