Using your home IP as a residential proxy with a Raspbery


No, I said the max speed I saw with the “Micro USB 2.0 RJ45 Ethernet LAN Network Adapter 100 Mbps” is only about 20 mbits.

The modems I use do only 128 kbps, because the data speed is limited by the provider.


a bit confused here, so you plug your usbs through a RJ45 adapter and not directly to your server? why? :roll_eyes:


No, the RJ45 can be used to add an ethernet port to a Raspberry Zero that doesn’t have it’s own ethernet ports.

The modems are plugged into an USB hub which is directly connected with the Raspberry.


got it : ) Need some 10gbps networking card :woman_farmer:t6: hehe


@dimitri how many modems do you think the raspberry could handle? : )


I think this also depends on the speed of the modems/data plans… With 15 modems capped at 128 kbps the load is usually between 5-10 %.

I only do not trust the SD card in the Raspberry. I think it is the weakest part of the setup. I disabled logging, because I am afraid it will kill the SD card. I am looking for a new cheap server that doesn’t consume too much electricity and uses HDD or SSD.


Cool, and one more thing do you use some catching ? To stay anonymous bus save some traffic at the same time :roll_eyes:


Maybe something like the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 development board, or other micro single board systems would do the trick? I mean if you’re pushing that much data it’ll need to have a real bus, as the sd card will definitely crap out with so much throughput.


Lol!! Nice Picture Dimitri, love it :slight_smile: Here at Spain isn’t cheap to try something like this



Nice setup above (with the modems), how much are you paying for each ? because if I tried that where I live I’m sure I will be losing more than gaining.


@dimitri Thank you for the incredible guide!
This is something i’m definitely looking to do, as my current proxy provider (massproxy) has been causing me all sorts of problems on IG recently.

One thing i wasn’t able to conclude is am i able to have multiple proxies?
Obviously we have many accounts and I personally am looking to have around 50 proxies that i am in control of, is this possible?



You only get one proxy, which is the IP you’re assigned by your ISP, which is the same external IP all the computers in your household use. So any account, service, etc used at that residence will have the same IP as the proxy. All accounts will also be linked and “connected” as the same person or people.

However some will let you buy additional home IP’s, and in that case you can always create more proxies through the same connection.


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yes the SD Card is a very weak link. I’ve seen raspberry pi 3’s using a small cheap SSD instead.


Hoping someone can give me some ideas for troubleshooting…

I can use Raspberry Pi Proxy or the Windows Server Proxy, but not both for some reason. When they are both on, the server is unable to see the Pi Proxy.

I’m playing with 2 4G modems, one on the windows server, and one on the Pi. The server + Pi are connected on the same internal router with local IP’s.

The 4G Modem has an autodialer, so I know it does something to take control over the network… not sure what next steps should be…


Can you explain exactly what you are trying to do? How are you using them? What happens when trying to use them both? It sounds to me like a networking problem.


Yes, I’m going to change my architecture so that my main router will be happy… I’ll report back if successful.

By the way, for those who are diving into RPi’s, this is probably the easiest dummy proof way to clone SD Cards. This software also removes the unused space from an image. I tried command line backup (DD), 64GB took 15 hours… This software took 10 minutes to downsize 64GB into a 4GB image and write to another sd card.


Another tool I recommend to access Raspberry Pi on a dynamic IP is … It’s free, puts a service on the Pi, and easily holds the connection if the IP changes frequently over many hours of SSH. It issues a new code every time from their website.


Awesome! Really helpful!