Using your home IP as a residential proxy with a Raspbery

hey there
i have bought a raspberry pi 0w
made a residential proxy with squid proxy
it’s valid on JR and working great
but someone told me that’s useless as they are both on the same network/internet/router
are those usb sticks on the picture 4G sim card modem ? you have about 15 of them
can linux manage all of this and transfer it to a proxy each one ? i am not sure what it is can you please help as i am trying to benefit of the 10 slots of JR just using my location and made home proxy

Hey dimitri, can you help me reproduce this setup?

I set up everything just as explained but I cannot connect to my pi on a different network.

I enabled port forwarding on my router for both ports and tcp + udp
I followed the installation instructions 1:1, installated the no-ip client on the rpi, setup no-ip up.
Additonally I also set up DynDNS in my router (fritzbox) and tried it out in jarvee.

I couldn’t verify the proxy ( i tried it without username, with CL and root as username and none worked)
Then I tried connecting via ssh on my vps which didn’t work either.
Neither using the no-ip domain, nor using the ip address of my home network.

I turned of the DynDns Setting in my router, and did everything mentioned above once more.

It’s still not working and now I cannot even connect to my pi localy using the DynDns domain