What online business would you start in 2021?

I think being an influencers is not an easy job but i will go with being an influencers.

Starting a Youtube Chanel is a good idea.

Click Dealer
Click Bank
Share A Sale

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Selling on Amazon is best for me.

More ideas: Affiliate marketing, SAAS, AI, SMM

I will start a Youtube chanel.

Look to either start something new or improve what’s already out there with phenomenal service.

Since Covid there are several fields people are getting into most of them being IM related, in fact all. But the ones that allow people to work from home, cater to those.

Online Producers (production) is booming.
Graphic designers are made daily.
Internet marketers too.

The current Smart Link services that are offered if you ask me, are bunk. The smart links look terrible and need a graphic designers touch.

The online Producer or beatmaker as of 2021 hasn’t fully cashed in on their assets, and those being the free downloads online producers offer to the public at large in order to entice people to come back for a paid service. The 2 main services that producers offer are free downloads via YouTube for their beat (this appeals to the broke rapper that doesn’t want to buy a lease. The 2nd asset the online producer has to offer is yet another free download, but appeals to fellow producers and we’re talking about drum kits, they’re downloaded in the 1000’s every hour.

There are only a few Sub 4 Unlock providers, some have also shut down, and only one of them offers to pay it’s affiliates for generating traffic to their links while at the same time having very limited tools.

My partner and I are dropping a service that we’ll most likely keep free that can rival Toneden minus a few features. Neway, this traffic source is super un freakin tapped.

Thanks, I will check them out.

Thanks for sharing. It looks like you’re really experienced with this.

what can you actually do when it come AI? any easy startups or businesses to grow @vasi361 ?

You can check Open AI for few use cases https://openai.com

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If we’re allowed to post Adult niche ideas here I’ll give you a complete business model with analytic research that’s a few years old, but still relevant to use.

And when I say Adult Niche orientated I mean adult subjects, not NSFW content like vulgar language or nude content.

Me and a former partner that effed me over pretty bad built the worlds largest independent database for an after hour subject of the Adult film industry that isn’t really talked about, but is heavily searched on Google. I’ll give up all details along with Keyword research and first years google analytic traffic details which is broad and not descriptive just showed our websites user base.

about 25% of the traffic converted to sales. Which wasnt a product, but a service, so there was no overhead. Affiliate based. Business Grossed about 100k in roughly just over a year period when serious amount of traffic started, in fact prob about just a year.

I started a PRESS Release Distribution NEtwork.
and have lowest pricing offers.

Cryptocurrency niche. any business.

From my experience competing on price doesn’t worth. Try to differentiate amongst your competitors by adding extra value and price it accordingly.

Crypto has big potential definitely.