What`s the mission of spam accounts on IG

And yet you dont want to use JV to filter+block this type accs. You know that you are on IG dev side in this problem, why not just wait IG dev to purge all that spam accs?
just set filter User doesn’t have a profile image + user has less than or equal x post = 1, set do not block likers, set block if all USER FILTERS are met. suspicious about this accs followers/following ratio? just st this filter. all done

i do use JV to block. I have an extensive blacklist, trust me :wink: yet there is more spam coming my way every day. And for the same reason i dont think that i really have the IG devs on my side. Facebook/IG can detect a dick or a broken bone by processing pictures for detecting content that is againt the T&Cs or community guidelines, but they cant detect if any program creates bulk accounts with angelinaboobs1 - angelinaboobs999 who can`t find their panties? Come on. I trust that IG is smarter than that.

And thanks for your edit by the way. Yes that is the best setting you can do. But then i am again missing the boobs. They do have a bio and a profile pic and still i don`t want to get them in front of a livecam.

Maybe someone “likes” you too much and Is sending some love your way.

Maybe a massive spammer is warming up his bots army and used your account as source on all of his Accounts by mistake.

God knows, make your account private if that worries you too much.


If you want to know how these accounts make money, go read related threads on BHW. You’ll get your answer. It’s pretty much common sense to most of us because were internet marketers. Maybe not common sense to the average joe. At the end of the day they’re all just used for traffic. Everyone has their own technique for how they do it, dont expect anyone to really share too much info about their setup. I wouldn’t, as this is how I make my living. You gotta do your own research. You said you know how to use search, then you don’t need anyone to point to specific threads. Use your common sense, mixed with your questions in a search, and you’ll get your answer

Because of this, no more explanation needed.

they are spamming half of IG not only my accounts. From accounts in the same niche to the likes of Justin Bieber + Co.

impressive. good luck.

thanks mate. will do. I understand you wouldn`t share it. will search BHW. I am not that much of an arverage joe as you think but maybe i am not deep enough into the black hat stuff. Have other stengths and make my money. no worries :sweat_smile:

Because of this, no more explanation needed.

What tool / platform is it?

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