What would be the best way to earn out of your accounts?

So for the past week I have got into the social media game again and started growing a couple IG accounts just as a test, and it’s been going pretty well.

What would you suggest as a course of action from now on? Make more accounts in different niches and try to grow them with a plan on reselling afterwards? Provide promos? Or maybe even use them to promote a dropshipping business for example?

I am just wondering what is working for all of the IG gods in here and if there are any suggestions!

Thanks! :smiley:

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not an IG God but then, shoutouts if you have a good page with good engagements say 10k above, also try growing pages and selling them just need to be active here give value so when you get to Lvl 2 you can have access to the market place i hear it’s a great place and active so ya just the lil i know.

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almost every strategy “works” to a degree, you just need to add your own twist on it.

CPA - will always be in the works, however the money is in mass accounts using pre-landers that auto redirect either with iframes or custom made landing pages in which you give them an incentive to click the button/optin etc.

Growing and selling accounts can work as a full-time job if you successfully are able to grow 20-30 accounts to 10k+ followers per month with a high engagement, however you need to do market and niche research to see what problems people are facing and why they would buy these accounts (such as a female doing an account switch in the babes niche) or a fitness guy doing an account switch on a male bodybuilding page etc.

Affiliate marketing - Creating pages about a specific niche and then slowly incoporating that product in every 5 posts, for instance yoga mats, make a page about yoga, another page about health, another about meditation, carefully market these pages with posts and somehow interrelate them about how each is beneficial in relation to the other, and cross pollinate these pages which all direct to yoga, once you build an audience of yoga fanatics, then start to promote the yoga mat, run some ads… see how it goes etc.

SMMA agency, there’s businesses filled with elderly old-schoolers who don’t know how important social media marketing is in the time we live in today, your job would be to lead source, inform them and convert them to manage their pages/business. this comes at a cost of you self-educating about content creation, content-plans, fb ads etc, dealing with rejection, web design, etc. However, you could just focus on sales and outsource everything. You will earn less at the start but once you successfully scale, you can focus working ON your business rather than IN your business.

I hope this gave you a new perspective of just how many opportunities there are with IG, and these are all from experience :slight_smile:


it would be better if you invest your time and use the search button to read different topics about accounts creation settings setups and methods you will find everything!
if you have time than you have everything ,No need to pay a guru that will sell’s outdated Methods!

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Thanks for sharing! 2 quick q’s:

  • Do you know of any shoutout marketplaces, or do you wait for inbound requests?
  • Is there an equivalent to influencer/brand platforms (e.g. AspireHQ) for s4s?
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shoutcarts for shoutouts market place and not ssure for the later there is an app but totally forgotten the name it’s just a place influencers connect tho am still trying to get in since last year


https://shoutcart.com/ is a great Option!


you should put your time to read, share and interact in this forum.
because when you achieve level 2 you will found more interesting topic.
For now try M/S and CPA for begining in my opinion.


Wow thanks for all the info mate, definitely helpful!

I have browsed the website some and I have to say that its been most helpful than anything else online, was just wondering how most people in here monetized their accs.

It depends on your needs:

  • If you want money in a short time, use CPA (adult, installs, whatever you want). Your accounts will be banned soon or later, but you can make a few bucks!

  • If you want money in the long run, create accounts and then sell them (7-10$ per 1000 followers). You can even create your own targetted audiences and sell them products via affiliate comissions, make a dropshipping store, etc.