📩 [WILL BEAT ANY PRICE] Send-DMs.com: MASS DM Panel Service

Hi there! I’d like to share with you something you folks have been asking for a long while: a DM panel!

:envelope_with_arrow: SEND-DMS.COM :envelope_with_arrow:

Who is this service for?

Anyone can use this service!

How does it work?

Just like any other likes/f/views panel: you top up your balance, choose one of the the different DM pricings that matches your desired order, and fill out the order. Very simple! There are very well explained instructions inside, don’t worry!

What makes your service worth it?

Apart from pricing, etc., the main benefits from this service is how long the DMs stay inboxed. We’re talking about literally weeks, and it’s not very easy to achieve this. What does this mean? It means you will be gaining followers and interaction for many days after your order has been processed. Here are a couple examples of two different DM campaigns on different accounts, which were sent out in only a few hours, but notice how followers keep arriving many days after action!

Also, and very important, I will do all the scraping. Meaning you can just send the sources, and I will scrape for you. You can of course send a userID list if you have done your own scraping, no problem.

And last but not least, I will cross out your current followers, so as to never DM them. I don’t believe anyone else out there will offer this.

What are the payment methods?

As of right now there is BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, (CC and Bankwire/Transferwise only for old members).

How long do the orders take?

I process everything manually, takes typically 24h but can take up to 48h if there’s a big load of work.

Are there any guarantees?

The only guarantee is that I will send your order. There are no “results” or “growth” guarantees. This is a more DIY option for those seeking precisely that. If you are looking for guaranteed growth packages, check out my other listing offering just that. Keep in mind that only really good content accounts qualify for that one, whereas any account can use send-dms.com

If you have any questions please send a PM.

What’s the minimum order?

50k DMs is the minimum.

What are the prices?

You can see the pricing on send-dms.com/services but we are giving better pricing for MP users .

Please scroll to the end of the thread to see the current price offer for MP users!

How can I order?

You can top funds up onsite. Sometimes the gateway is deactivated, so just write me a PM or start a ticket onsite (I respond very fast).

Thank you!


Thread approved. Good luck with the sales!

Mod review coming soon.

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Thank you, @Adnan, hoping to get your review order when you’re ready.

Thanks again!

Will be ready soon.



Good luck! Cannot wait to try out the service

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Are you offering smaller purchase trial runs? especially with the changes in dm blocks, issues etc


@Parliament Check your PM, buddy :slightly_smiling_face:

Unfortunately not at the moment, but maybe in a near future.

Replied! :slight_smile:

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A couple of updates after half a year with steady service:

  • TAT time is 24-48hrs typically.
  • Payment accepted is by crypto now, Paypal goes hard against anything SMM related so that one is a no-no. Only crypto, guys.

Thanks again.

Taking orders!

Hey, I just used the service and wanted to write a little review here.
Just for a little background - I run a vintage online shop, so I wasn’t expecting alot of people sticking to my profile because its a business profile and not a personal BUT…
The results are crazy. I bought ~30.000 DMs and the service was excecuted about 12h after ordering.
Since now I’ve gained around 1200 followers and made alot of conversions. And I think this isn’t the end.
The people are 100% from the sources I delivered. A little downside is that I’ve got some messages that this kind of marketing is spammy but there were only 7 people complaining - I think you just have to deal with that.
So comparing spending 100€ in Instagram Ads or in @Parliament service - always choosing this guy over Zuckerberg :fist_right:t3: :fist_left:t3:. Really happy with the results and looking forward to making more orders!
Thank you!


Hey :slight_smile: are you able to send links via DM ?

Unfortunately not, links are not allowed.

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Are you still working just manually?

Everything is pretty much the same.

happy anniversary since I joined - bump :slight_smile: 4 years on MP social now…

Taking orders!

are the dms sent from other accounts? So I order 100k DMs with a set message and then it gets sent from lots of accounts?

Correct, that’s it.

Taking orders guys!