You Put What On A Pizza.....?!?!


Mushroom. The best. Ever.


Anything but olives haha.


I hated olives for years. Have you head of a Yorkshire Pudding Pizza?


No but I have had a Yorkshire Pudding wrap with a roast dinner as the filling!


Nice! Using a Yorkshire Pud as a base is something a bit different. Seen those Pizza’s with a meat base? Like instead of dough they have a big piece of southern fried chicken as the base?
Surprised by how tame some of the answers here have been, thought this place might be Pizza eater central :rofl:


Hahaha, I know Pizza Hut used to do a burger crust which looked pretty cool.


Usually just stay with sausage, but meatball is great too!
Sometimes pineapple for a change


Pepperoni, mushrooms, and tomatoes are where its at.


Pineapple and ham bro!


Mushroom is good


I’m liking that combo :fire:


Chicken, mushrooms, bell peppers and sweet bbq sauce. Godly.


I eat a pizza marinara (no cheese) with corn & peperoni + FRIES on top of it a minimum of once a week. It’s the only type of pizza I enjoy :smiley:


Cheese 13chars :wink:


Oh Hello! Very nice!


First person to really mix it up/ give me something I hadn’t thought about trying before. Question… when I end up eating 7 of those a week who do i ask for help? :rofl:


I am as basic as it gets. Mozarella cheese, tomato sauce, salami. If I feel it peperoni for that spice. If I feel extra, maybe some chicken and spinach.


Hawaiian pizza is the real pizza :joy:


Almost flagged for the spinach… :wink: Nothing green and watery that Popeye eats belongs on a Pizza :wink:


Hawaiian is frowned upon but I really like it too!