0 Hashtag Reach After 3 Day Action Block

Hello All. I have recently received a 3-day action block on a 8 month old account for liking, commenting and posting. This was due to me getting a bit over-zealous with the manual F/UF on the account. After the block I posted a very viral video with a brand new set of solid hashtags. My reach for the hashtags is 0.

I was wondering if it is normal to receive this kind of punishment following an action block and how long it may last?

I understand that a lot of this depends on many different factors specific to your account but was just curious about other peoples experiences with this. Thanks!

Also just noticed that my post is not showing up in any of the hashtags in the recent section. Does this mean I am shadowbanned?

Yeah I think so it happened to me it took about a week to come right again

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There is a possibility of shadowban, but first, check a few things before that. Is there a typo in hashtags which may lead to no reach on hashtags. Is the quality of your hashtags ok, maybe you have a few thousands post on hashtags so your post pushed down on the hash page. Maybe Instagram has a problem and was down for some users that may affect your reach. Punishment depends from account to account. There are a few posts on the forum about that. Some ppl get device based block which affects all accounts on the device even if its just 1 account that was blocked.

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I have a account that I’m growing organically since jun/2019 (only this month i knew this forum), my experience with hashtags are horrible, I don’t know why but maybe is because I do post pics of models (models/shout niche), but every time i use a hashtag, my ER drop 50%, so I don’t care about them anymore…
Take some time, do some tests, maybe for your account using hashtags isn’t that special (i get shouted every time by some models with millions of Followers and when i use a hashtag is just BAD, so for me hashtags = headaches).

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blocks usually don’t trigger shadows. might be the post just failed or hashtags caput right now on insta.

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Update - I was shadow banned and was getting 0 hash tag reach on all posts but today it has been lifted.

It happens to me also. I get shadowbanned after a 3-day block.

That’s why I run an ad. Until the ad gets accepted 0 hashtags reach. After it runs and I delete it the insights show normal hashtag reach.

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