0 new followers have been extracted and sent to contact members - Error 2021 (Jarvee/Instagram)

I have just started using jarvee again after some time and set up everything as I used to and already got multiple followers on each account, but it still gives me the message “0 new followers have been extracted and sent to contact members jarvee” wich doesn’t make any sense to me. I have already checked all my settings. Did anyone here had this problem before or recently and can tell me how it could be fixed?


Do you use scraper accounts?

if not, check if your main account gets getFollowers API scrape block:
go in Social profiles > select the main account > Actions on selected profiles > export api scrape blocks.

if you use scraper accounts (tagname method), export api scraper blocks of those scraper accounts, see if they get scrape api blocks.

If you use a proxies on your accounts, make sure they have valid status in proxy manager tab.

What are your filters for the sent messages?

If you can share the settings of your Send Message to new followers tab, maybe we can check it. It could that you have mistakes.

Please send the settings you used so we can assess the situation better :wink:

Have you reached out to our Support Team? We have forwarded one issue to the devs earlier but it was not for send message to new followers, it was for unable to extract using the Extract Users tab.

I have been doing Mother/Child for a very long time, and I can confirm there is an issue with Jarvee not being able to scrape all followers whether you use Scrape followers with main account option OR scrape followers with scrapers.

We even made it so that it checks for new followers every 10-15 minutes.

I am not sure why this happens, I have spent weeks/months testing and still there is no answer.

Although most of the followers get picked up fine, it’s strange that this happens and I’m trying to come up with a definitive answer still before contacting Jarvee support again.

I will update this thread if I find a solution, but currently we have to manually scrape the last few followers and manually send to Send Messages area.

I assume it’s best to check with their support what’s going on because you’ll get the fastest help that way.

I would say multiple API blocks but i think you already checked that, i think you should contact support and se how it goes

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I thought so too, but the problem was strangely fixed after I updated Jarvee.