0 views problem on tiktok

yesterday i made a new account and posted 8 times but non of videos got any views. i’m not the only one btw. it’s been 24 hours already

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Why did you post 8 times in one day… and on your first day?

i just had many videos to post. i think it’s better if i post more content

Yeah but that was a little excessive and easy to be flagged as spam. Wait it out for a bit and see if some views trickle in. I suspect they will.

How many hashtags did you use? are they popular hashtags with lots of views?

I created a new TikTok account yesterday, but I haven’t published any videos yet.

i used #foryoupage #foryou and one of the trending hashtags

Happened to me before then a few days later shot up. Almost as if it was in review stage.

Let us know if you get views

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That’s exactly what it was. There are tiers that your account progresses through.

It can take a really long time for videos to pop sometimes

it started getting views!! finally

:kissing: Told you. People are way too impatient haha

little patience that all it takes when using TikTok :joy: their algo is still a mystery.

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how many days did u have to wait?

for me sometimes it takes more than 3-4 days to start getting views even when using th right hashtags and all.

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Shadow bans, copied video algorithms, I am using always 4G proxies, good quality.