0views on fresh account

Hey Guys!

I just started a TikTok account to learn about it and got quite frustrated when I saw 0 views on my second post… its artwork, its not sexual, i created it and i dont see any violation whatsoever.

Some kind of shadow ban seems weird for a second video… i used hashtags #art #3dart #artwork #liplickthrownin (tiktok suggested this one when i typed in “lip”)

Do you have any idea of what could be going on?
And if I got banned because some algorithm thought its a violation how long will it take?

Link to your profile

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I’m not much a TikTok guy but here’s my experience so far :sweat_smile:.
I tested TikTok with different videos. The first few videos I upload never went above 200 views. Then I delete every video I uploaded. Leave it for a few days, then upload one that still get views. Upload second to see what is going on. And a bust. Very low reach and very low views. Right now I have only 2 videos on a test account. one is 18k views, the other only 15. :innocent: :joy: Oh yea and 0 views is a comon thing too.