1-day action blocks which keep on extending every day by 1 day

It has been almost 15 days and it is so frustrating! Every day I get this message that says my actions are blocked until 15th. Then when it expires, when I try to like one picture I get the same error again this tome it says you are blocked until 16th. It is annoying and I don’t know what to do. Do you guys have any idea how to fix this?

I had two accounts with this issue.
I changed the passwords and rested the accounts for 5 days.One of the accounts no longer had the issue the other still has it.

I will try that one for sure. Let you know the updates.

From experience:

Reset Password
Did not help?
Reset device id
Did not help?
Change Proxy
Did not help?
You messed up somewhere with settings/account :slight_smile:

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This been happening to normal accounts too

When all these steps have been made and still not seing positive results, then how about resting the account for a week. And then stop automating on it totally. Do some manual actions, when things calm done start again on jv and warm up slowly. Seems like trustscore is really hit.

My other account is unblocked too the solution is resting 4-5 days

If happened to me also. The block expires always the next day from what the message says. So if it says it will expire on 25th December, you should try to like on 26th the earliest.

Rip that account is fucked if non that works after reseting a few weeks.

I feel like this one of the recent issue that is caused by Instagram. I made some research on it and it seems like even the people who don’t use automation services got affected by it. I will try resting hopefully it will work.

Hey there ! Just wanted to give you guys my 2 cents.
I also had this issue and just got out of it after about 20 days.

I still used my “1 free action” everyday aka I still posted once day to not loose my engagement

The solution for me was resting the accounts for 5 days. No actions

Stop automation, rest the account, log back in a couple days. Worked for me!