1 Weird Trick from Employee Pleb to Self Employed Thief

I just quit my job in November I was in after 2 years of full time employment getting paid a measly $60k per year the lowest salary in my company.

I got myself a registered business number and some stars aligned that gave me the ability leverage my knowledge of my previous company to get a job offer from them.

With my new self employed registered business number I signed my previous employer.

They essentially have become my first client under my business number as a self employed contractor in marketing. I’m a registered business owner if my mom could see me now lol.

So. I negotiated a contact with my previous company that was paying me peanuts.

I actually got them to sign me on at a rate of $640 per day, 4 days per week for 6 months then with an ongoing agreement at the same daily rate after the 6 months is over.

And $640 a day guaranteed just to do the same job I was doing before and getting paid $60k!

It means I will earn about $9k per month instead of $3k for doing the same exact thing but working 4 days a week instead of 5.

I never saw this coming but deciding enough is enough and registering a business name/number and becoming my own boss was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I get to negotiate my terms and work, when and where I want to work. Now i can spend more time with the extra day off focussing on my side hustles to hopefully one day be fully working at home doing the things I want to do.

This is just a step towards that.

I’m not flexing but I just wanted to share this. True story but a year before I stated this job I was actually living out of a car doing it bloody rough in winter with $200 to my name so it’s been a blessing.

I’m up it’s 2am and I’m wired because I have to think of a way to spin my resignation in 7 hours with my current job that I’ve been with 2 months.

I’m thinking of just quitting on the spot saying adios amigos. How would you guys quit?

I’m planning to use the extra day off now to start a blog, build up my IG accounts, dip into drop shipping and YouTube. The lot! I’m pumped.


What job you’re doing mr Wick? $640/day is damn good money. Just want to know about basic things about your business if you’re fine to share.

Not a flex, but helpful information. Good job!

Is your registered business your actual name? If it is, I wouldn’t quit your current job on the spot as that would reflect negatively in the future if anybody contacts this current employer. Reputation is your biggest leverage when negotiating new contracts. There are lots of people that can do your work, but you want to have the best reputation. If there is no way that any future potential clients can find your current employer, then just quit on the spot.

Conversely, you could give your current employer a two week notice and bust your butt for them and now you can list them as a client of your new business. List them as a two month contract that you fulfilled and list them as a reference when writing new proposals. Now you have two clients you can list when going after more.

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Thanks for the tips on this. Things that I never even thought about.

I’m heading in to work now. I’m going to just smash out all my tasks and tie up loose ends.

Unfortunately my new client wants me to start ASAP as I have to fill in someone’s role and because my role is deadline driven they want someone to start yesterday.

My registered business name is called ‘The Win Theme Co’ so I was lucky not to name it after myself. I like your advice on hitting up my current employer for a contract. I will bring it up today when I meet up with them.


Hi YodaMaster, in my current business service I would call myself a writer, coordinater and marketer.

But in reality my real title/role in the job market is called a ‘Proposals Manager’.

I work for architecture firms, construction companies and engineering firms to write and present almost like a report style essay to a potential client we would like to win a job for.

An example of this is say Elon Musk wants to Build the highest building in Australia made of solar panels. And he puts out an advertisement for architects and eningeering firms to send to him a presentation of how they would successfully build his project.

Also he would want to know how much we would charge, who the people are that will build the project and who we are as a company (reputation). And all this in a succinct document structured in a way Elon would like it.

I would write the report to show off our best assets which would include a lot of graphics, videos, branding whilst collaborating with all the parties required to get the information etc.

It’s cool in a way becuse you don’t really need an education to do this job or any technical skills. And you can do it from anywhere in the world.

In Australia this role is categorisd essentially between a marketing role and a admin role.

But there is literally no competition out there for people that do this. Especially in the construction space. As most marketers don’t even think this job exists.

They don’t think it’s very sexy. But it is when you get to fly out to a different state to see the next casino or skyscraper site.

The good thing is anyone could do the job. No education or skills required.

Just ask me I have neither of those. I was deeply underpaid in my last role because I didn’t know the real market value of the job and demand for it. So I went from $60k in my last job to over $100k in my current in two years and soon the be contracting for a decent contract with just two years experience in the industry and in this career.

Two different companies. Two years experience and no qualifications.

Unfortunately there arnt too many jobs in this niche role that pop up either so its best to do this job in a variety of different industries.

Think of any job that is business to business reliant and that needs work from another company to make money.

I.e a small web developer wants to win a job for a larger corporation to design a bespoke price of software for them.

We recently won a job to add another racetrack down here in Australia to support an F1 bid.

Another job i might work on is for a country that wants to put their bid in to win the rights to host the Olympics.

Or the guy that has to make a presentation to impress Lebron James that Magic Johnson can show him in a private meeting.

So the job is varried and helps my writing skills by day and gives me flexiby to fix my excommunicado status by night.


Expand this instead of drop shipping, in my opinion. Imagine being able to grab another client at the same rate of $9k a month. Or 10 clients! Delegate and scale. Social media can be leveraged for B2B.


Great idea, maybe sometimes I feel once the work dries up I will be fighting for scraps.

I just have to stay positive and proactive and have a good reputation.