10 IG Accounts per device

Since May I am able to manage 10 accounts simultaneously in the instagram app on my android phone. I hadn´t any issues since then.

Overall I have 7 phones with 10 accounts each. Running all via my home wifi. I don´t do anything else with than just posting.

Did you encounter any issues with running 10 accounts per device?

Wait so is this equivalent to 70 accounts on one IP?? Isn’t this dangerous for the accounts?

Yes, blocks issues still happen when I have 10 IG accounts on the same phone and do Follow/Unfollow. Other than blocks, I never encounter other issues. Do you want to start doing F/U on those accounts?

no I don´t want to do follow unfollow.
I just want to post with the accounts once a week - nothing else

Perhaps not at the beginning, but eventually you could end up getting some blocks. If you just want to concentrate on posting, make sure at least that you are not posting the same content to all accounts, using the same hashtags, tags etc.

IG indicated that it only allows switching up to 5 accounts per device, and it may cause issues in the long run if you keep on running 10 accts per device.

I don’t know how you did manage to add 10 accounts per phone becasue i can’t do it here the max is 5 but even with that having 70 accounts on IP and no issues is amazing to say the least.

This is great news, thought the standard was 3-5 accounts/device. How frequently do you post btw? Are all these manual posts?

it’s still impossible to add 10 accounts per phone, are you able to do that @MountProxies ?

If all you do is posting - there will be no issue running 70 accounts from home wifi/same ip. Actions are another story however.

70 accounts doing posts from one IP would not get you verification or blocks? are you sure about that? is that what you are working with?

I’ve not done myself since I do not do posting but I’ve seen it with my own eyes - one sim card - 54 accounts half a year ago without any issues. But only posting stories and posts.

Yeah, that sounds quite suspicious in my opinion too. I’ve heard 10 would be the highest limit.

Past performance is no indicator of future performance.
Tho I know some who do 24-48 account per proxy.
Setting + quality + rotation

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Is this manual rotation using the available settings in JV? And are these dc or mobile?

I’ve been having mixed success with 2-3 accs/proxy but not always worth the risk. This last week I’ve had like 10 accounts all get his with “your account has been temporarily locked” even though they’re all on their own proxies. Some accounts for it 3x within like 2 hours

That gotta be some crazy advanced settings if he’s able to run that many accounts per proxy.

that’s crazy man if you can get them to the forum and they can share some of their settings it will be very helpful for all of us.

He doesnt share. But why would people ever share their settings? That is silly.