10 years old personal account got blocked for almost no reason!

So this was my 10 years old Facebook Account. A few weeks ago, when I tried to log in to my account, it said I’ve broken some Facebook community rules, and they asked me for an Identity card. I immediately gave it. And then after a month-long of wait, they said “we have reviewed your account and the decision can’t be reversed.”

But I am still unsure, why did they block my account? I haven’t done anything unusual compared to the past 10 years. I feel it must be a mistake done by their stupid “automated review system”. Because recently I had started posting awareness about COVID-19. But I don’t think that’s a reason for the account block. Because those were general information. But their review system might have misunderstood them. And I have less than 100 friends(only friends and family) and it was a private account.

Sometimes I think, I should move on and never create an account back on Facebook. Sometimes I feel, I should try to get it back somehow, because I have all my childhood photos there, and family and friends are connected.

I don’t wanna create another account. Let me know if I can get it back somehow? any support email IDs?

Here is the error screenshot:

Create a new FB account, then create a FB ad on it. After that you will be able to get live support from Facebook. You can tell them that you want to run ads on your FB account which got disabled instead and ask them to reactivate it.

I did the same thing once trying to recover an IG account, but it doesn’t work, they say they can’t help because it’s Instagram… Maybe it will work.in your case since it’s FB account and you think your account doesn’t violate any FB terms.


Thanks. I will try that. Should I create the new account on my name or on someone else’s name and tell them that “my brother’s account is disabled please help him get back his account.”

It’s best to use your name. They will probably ask for more details about the account that gets disabled.

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Ok buddy. Will do that.

But, have already wrote to: case@support.facebook.com

If they doesn’t reply, will do that.

My 10 years old account was locked without any reason last month and I got the same notification that I broke the community standarts. Nowadays, they make everything problem. I created a new one and few days ago my normal posts were marked as spam, however they were grammar quizzes. So, I guess this account may be locked too. I think Facebook can’‘t manage their system anymore. The posts about Covid are also marked as spam. I read about it. As I said , nowadays even a simple thanks comment is a big issue for them and a reason to block us. I manage a group and two pages and these errors made my life a hell. I can’t close my group and pages , they are growing day by day but I really don’'t know what to share. They didn’t give my 10 years old account back and I lost all my memories.

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By the way , do not create your new account in the same device. You can create with the same name, but the device should be different. If you create in the same device that your account is locked, after few hours or days the new one will be locked as well.

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I sent my ID, but no result. I didn’t write to their support box, because as I know they never reply.

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I won’t create a new account just for normal use. But just to contact their CC I can. But if they don’t unblock my old account. I will count it as a blessing in disguise and move on.

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OK, just be careful. Because they may lock it after few minutes . Social medias are making fun of people in 2020. There are too many dirty accounts that they even don’t review.

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Okay. I will. And yes they are after the genuine accounts mostly. They never take action on accounts which actually breaks the rules.

I anyway has lost the interest in Facebook a long time back. But just used to visit to check memes and to check if something is new with my friends. It won’t be hard to move on knowing that Facebook community have never been much helpful to me. Telegram and online forums are 100000times better.

I only use fb for their ads, the only thing that are useful from fb

Ohhh they do :slight_smile: otherwise all of us here would be billionaires :smiley: