100 Clients with resedential Proxies

Does someone have 100-500 clients only with residential Proxies like instagram proxies from highproxies? Cause my Jarvee and everything else dont react good for my clients with 4g mobile proxies, cause their getting much temporary blocks and issues with them, proxy errors and stuff. Do you think I should go back to the residential proxies from highproxies again, after one week ?

I switched one week ago from 100 residential proxies to 100 4g mobile proxies, now I want to do the same thing again back to the old residential ones… Whats your opinion on that?

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Switching proxys is something you should avoid especially if you have allready problems with the accounts. It’s just an additional move that makes you more suspicious. Only change proxys when you have to - that’s my suggestion.

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Do you thing it is possible to run 150 clients only with resedential proxies long term? They was the only proxies where I havent that much issues

I have no experience with Highproxys to be honest. But i guess you had problems? or why you switched to 4g? For me it seems high proxys work bad for you and 4G mobile worked even worse. But you want to find something that works.

The general consens is 4g mobiles work for IG so maybe your problems ar not caused by your proxys?

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I think it might be worth to look for new 4g proxy providers, i would stay away from the popular one and cheapest, you will might find better alternatives. I haven’t been satisfied with most of the popular providers out there. Many downtimes, stipid slow speed too often even if they’re sold as hight 4g speed. Some smaller provider with NO unlimided bandwith might be better for you, real 4g, less abused and still way more GB than you will use. It’s worth a try atleast to me.
Ofcoure the numbers of account and action per proxy is still a key factor you can’t forget but i’m sure you’re on acceptable settings.

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With highproxies I havent any issues. My decision to change them into 4g mobile proxies was a inspiration from this forum cause anyone told that they would be the best and safiest and resedential are for clients unsafe. Then I switched them, but now I think to go back to the residential ones… But is this really that unsafe? My stats are:
500 f/u?
No liking with jarvee
100 story views
browser experience (8-15 sites per day)
and maybe some comments liking (30-100)

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so maybe the switch caused the problems. But I dont think that has to do with the mobile proxys more with the switch. Just think about. 100 accounts stopping all actions from one moment to the other and switching to other IPs and starting the actions again. In my opinion that’s a big footprint.

Did you warm up again on the 4G mobiles?


Totally agreed with @kripke. I suppose those proxies switching triggered some troubles. I’d recommend you to give mobile ones a chance. Just stop all the automation for day or two and then start slowly on mobile proxies. As you should know, every time you switch proxies you have to do the warm-up phase again starting with the low number of actions. Keep it in mind and try to warm them up again. Good luck!

Who told you highproxies are residential? Because they are not, they’re datacenter


I’ve had this problem aswell for the last 2 weeks. Lost over 20% of my accounts (while using highproxies aswell). Just changed my proxies, so once i get the accounts back i’m putting them on my new proxies


Do you use highproxies again?

I don’t recommend you use highproxies. I used them starting out and had non stop blocks and PVs. They’re not really residential lines and are all flagged by IG already. Switch to one of the trusted mobile proxy providers from the forum and you’ll have a lot less issues.

Do you can recommend me some? I use mobile proxies from here but there are every day 10 from 100 down and 10 clients dont get results, the others dont make full actions, thats really fucked up

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@danielschkolnikow , Mind sharing the client onboarding process a bit , i would really love to do some client work , i have too much time on my hands , have the know-how , willing to do whatever it takes , just a little confused as to how to go about onboarding clients.

Possible reasons for accounts going down is mostly . , Proxy quality , check out guys at buypersonalproxy (My Link - buypersonalproxy.com/buy-proxies&ref=207 ) (Please remove affiliate Link if against ToS) , these guys have provided really good residentials to me and are realtively untouched by majority of IG botters. Also warm up accounts slowly , patience takes lesser time overall than impatience.

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I wouldn’t stress too much about the results on a day to day basis. With mobile proxies, the down times can be unpredictable, but they also help make the actions appear more human-like. I would consider this when adjusting your settings.

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Do you use nightmode on mobile proxies? I write with highproxies support now and they ig proxies are never been used before so it is impossible to flag them, also when I have human settings with that I should be safe

They’re lying to you.

Men this whole proxy industrie is fucking complicated

Test test and again, Test!
Nothing is better than self experience, I would not put all my eggs in the same basket also, you should have proxies from several providers for this amount of account (not matter DC, mobile or residential), This way even if some are down, you will have to explain only to 20 customers rather than 100+, That really makes a difference.

As for the proxies themselves, I would never change a proxy for an account that is having no problems at all, proxy change is a big red light for instagram and must be done carefully and not impulsively.