100 FB Accounts posting into 100 FB Groups as Admin Page Problems

I want my 100 FB accounts to post in 100 of the FB groups I own. I have each account as owner of a FB Page. I have each FB Page the Admin of a FB Group. I do not have each account in the groups because I want only postings from page.

If the account is not in the group, how can I set the software to have the accounts post into the groups? Software doesn’t know that each account has admin access through the page. I can not select these pages for bulk posting.

What is the method I should use to make this happen?

Can you do that manually?

Let’s say you have FB account A. You log in to the account A, then visit the group where you want to post. Do you see an option to publish to the group as page?

It’s most likely not possible, you have to join the groups with your accounts, otherwise you can’t select them as destinations for your campaigns.

Are those FB groups allow joining as a FB page? Have you tried to join those groups as a page?

I an do this manually. I can take a brand new FB account and add it to admin over page that is admin over 100 groups. The new FB account can now post into the 100 groups without joining the actual groups. However, I can only do this manually as Jarvee is unaware of the accounts ability to post into the groups without actually being in the groups.

Yrs. I own the groups. They are al set to join as page. All of my accounts have joined each group as a page but Jarvee doesn’t recognize this.