+1000 follower gain on Instagram

A marketing agency is quoting me a sum of 250$ for +1000 follower gain by connecting with my niche market “top dogs” and doing shout-outs. He says he can achieve the target of +1000 follows in 15-20 days of doing campaigns/reaching out to large accounts.

I am currently sitting at 82k followers and my goal is to reach 100k

Is this worth the money spent?

Is anyone else doing the same thing with whom I can connect with?

How genuine is this with respect to the type of followers gained?. The agency promises me real followers who are actual people who is interested in buying my product.

I need your suggestions. Please help.

But if you here are on MPsocial, you already know by now that you can gain a lot more than 1000 spending 250$!!

Even if you dont want to automate anything, just hiring a VA for manual actions will do the job! Just liking 700 targeted posts a day is sufficient to grow at 50+ a day for an account that is 80k strong.

My 2 cents, dont waste your 250$ on shoutouts

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$250/1000 followers is a terrible rate

Market rate when I was doing something like this was $80-100/1k

It also depends on your account, if you’re a theme acc then the rate is cheaper but if you’re an ecommerce page and they are giving you actual people with interest in that product that is a different story, you would have to ask for the accounts and see if those niches correlate with your page.

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Like what the f*ck,I would get Mother Slave done Manually by the VA’s for 25-30 accounts at that price lol.

Overpriced dude like really too much overpriced.

Give me some of those VA’s lmao…

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Are they from this planet itself? I would dump Jarvee right away if thats the case. 10$ per account for a month is super cheap!

OP don’t pay anything to anyone if you already have 82k you will easily reach 100k organic which is the best way trust me, just improve content and do some outreach yourself for shoutouts…

checkout onlinejobs, pre-lockdown they were 2-3$ per hour a pop (could be cheaper now?). Most have experience with jarvee/instagram/multiple accs and English is their native language. Best investment ever!

Just make sure to have a hiring process and vet them via your checklist. As you will get hundreds of applications, most will claim lots of experience but only some will deliver.

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The problem here is… I am losing followers everyday. I was at 88k back in June 2019 and now I am sitting at 82k

My content is great. But I just cannot seem to get more engagement. I’m sitting at 0.6% engagement rate.

Something is not good with your followers then that’s very bad engagement, if you didn’t grow organic from the start and used some methods that is probably the reason why you losing followers now. But anyway keep adding good content and hashtags, try to get more real and popular accounts to interact with your profile somehow.

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I know,the people who do this are my regular VA’s so they are just happy with themselves atleast getting a source of Income during this time.

I give them some work every month and this is the reason they do it for so cheap as they know I have kept them for long term and not just one project.

Honestly, it really depends.
unlike others said 250$ seems fine for a growth of 1000 high quality followers.

The only thing I would consider is your account quality. If you have good content and a high ER then you should be able to grow 1k followers easily without any agency.

1k followers is only challenging for newer accounts without many followers or for accounts with bad content. If you already have a well established page then I’d argue that you should not pay more than 100$ for this sort of growth.

As I said, 1000 followers for such a big page is now much and can quickly be accomplished

Why the need for 100k that’s so special?

If you have a solid account, it will get there regardless. Especially if you grew it to 82k.

Unless the vanity number chase matters that much, keep posting & doing what generally worked for you to get to this point. You’ll get picked up by the algo again.

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It is to do with coming across as authentic. Because I sell quite a few things on my page as well. So, it’s about trust as well if people want to shell money.

So 100k would mean, I’ve been on here for a long time/ lot of. People like/vouch for my content/page.

Just helps with selling.