100k/78k/27k Views. Low engagement, Help!

Hey Everyone!

Kalynd back with a few questions to see if I can get on the right path. My new account I have been playing with has been able to get over 100K views on one video, 78k views on another, and 27k on the most recent.

I found a really solid network of authority accounts, that when they interact with my account, my posts usually go viral. Problem is that I get VERY poor engagement, almost no follows at all.

Account: @KalyndDougherty (yes this is my real name, so if you’re a stalker, have fun)

Wanted to see if I could get some insight? I can also share Insights aswell if more info is needed.

Any insight or help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Should mention:
Account is 3-5 days old
Followers: 75
Followings: 10

So you have 75 followers total?

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Yes that’s correct.

How old is your account? 9 days old?

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Realistically, 9 I think? I can double check, I created it last weekend originally for another purpose, however I decided to use it for my new personal.

Maybe try spinning around less in your videos maybe? If you have something like this in your bio " IG Marketer :round_pushpin:" and don’t have many followers, then that could be a turn off to potential followers.


@Kalynddougherty must be nice to have that kind of network. Envy!

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Thank you wortime for the honest review! You have a great point there!

I also understand that since I don’t have a lot of followers the likelihood of me being seen by more people on the explore page.

Great point aswell on the bio, I will adjust it. Maybe try playing with a few Carousels posts.

They aren’t too hard to find either! Just get in the telegram groups and invest like $150 is trials. That’s how you find the good networks.

Or you can just create them, I find it’s easier that way personally.

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@Kalynddougherty PM me the telegram groups. Haven’t come across any that good. I am def willing to pay that much for trial.

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Well I used my own network for the views. I will be selling powerlikes on the network soon, but one thing that makes a network good… is exclusivity. If you’re interested in that feel free to DM me.