100k followers accounts being banned

Hi guys.
I would like to ask your opinion because I am almost desperate.
I have 30 accounts in the same niche, I use 6 cell phones to route 4g proxies. 5 accounts per proxy.

For the past 5 days I’ve been having 2 accounts banned per day, and I can’t imagine what it could be. I have already reset the device of all accounts in the jarvee and today 2 more were banned.

I use the jarvee ONLY to post pictures for years. No automation to follow / like / dm.

Does anyone imagine what may be going on for the accounts to be banned?

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Thought it was just me … Yeah I got huge ban rate now since past a week. Gotta stop them. Cant lose more accounts.
Weirdly I got no bans on scrapers. The bans only hit my slave accounts.

I stopped using Jarvee to post a long time ago as I lost 50 accounts in one day and thought it was this reason. Use creator studio

how can you schedule with 50 creator studio accounts? don’t need 50 facebook accounts?

Are you saying you have been running the campaign for years but the accounts only got disabled recently? or did you just start posting again after leaving the accounts inactive for years? Do you share the same pictures on all accounts?

stop posting for few days 2-3 days then see what happens, if the posting is the issue you will have no bans in the next few days but if the problem persists then it’s not JV nor posting, do you access those accounts from another device or software? do your accounts share the same child accounts, dm’s, or posts?

Yes, just now being banned.

And yes, same pictures.

I decide do it, 5 days without post.
Yes same posts.

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Is there anything in common or similar between your posts? Hashtags, tags, links?

Yes, the posts are same.

make sure to avoid that, it will cause you major issues, or at least use some kind of alteration

You said you only had 30 accounts?

You can do 5 accounts per business profile. Maybe more

I am exactly in the same situation, i just post no F/U and recently i turned one of my old phones to a 4g proxy. I have had EV PV then finally the The 24 verification is appearing in each of them all of this without reason. I use the same posts too but i have been shuffling them.
Only 2 accounts are running fine one is a different niche and very old since 2017 and the other is from march 2020 but small follower count. I am afraid to put my other accounts to JV i really don´t know what to do

Running now yes. but have 400+

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I run 140+ accounts and post manually. I don’t trust jarvee with posting. Too many times ive had accounts linked

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are you using appcloners to post? thx!

Do you have “make images unique before they’re posted” option checked in your campaign? Posting same pictures while sharing the proxy is risky because IG will know that those accounts are linked, and once one account gets disabled, the other accounts will most likely get affected and disabled too. Also, i think there’s no need to reset the device ID on accounts that are working fine.

Yes, its checked in “hard”.

Lol, how you do it?

I post in jarvee a ton and have 0 issues, I dont think its this, mate.

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