100K followers in around 6months, how?

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I have two instagram accounts. The one has 16K followers and the other has 6K followers.
I make manually 550 follows per day and I have 80-110 new followers per day.
So the best number of new followers that it is possible to have is 3000 per month. The year 36K . And all this if I don’t have any accident with my account.

Iam disappointed :frowning: with this result. I see many accounts to have 300k and 500k followers or other accounts 6 years old to have 1-2-3M followers. All these accounts are brands that begin and became big with the instagram help.

-So I need your help, which strategy must follow as to increase my account with 100K new followers per 6 months. I believe this is a good result.

-I perceive that the big brands repost everyday pictures from personal big accounts that they took photos with their products. Maybe the brands sent a free product to the owner of one big account as he/she takes some shots with the product and to post them on his/her account.
Is my thought correct? Does this the method?
In this case the brands how can find always new big accounts as to send their products for new pictures? How are they sure that the owners of the big account that finally they will take photos?
Do you know if there is any website that makes the connection between the brands and the owners of the personal big accounts?
There is anyone with big account to help me with his expertise?

Thank you

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the fastest way to achieve that, without celebrity or established brand power, would be by doing something similiar to this



If you think someone is going to lay you out a 6 month blueprint to 100K you’re high.

As far as brands contacting you… this is done through direct messaging and the brand paying would do some sort of check to make sure everything is legit. I’ve posted products for brands in the baby niche and I ended up skyping with the person for 10 minutes before finalizing any transactions. A Google search with give you websites that connect influencers and brands :slight_smile:


two people I deal with have made pages 100k+ in 2 weeks. Both have very large accounts and give shoutouts to create them. Most pages you see grow fast in a short time are backed by bigger pages. Either their own or others. Last month I created a new backup page hitting 11k in a month. I have other accounts so I promoted them everyday.


Part of the reason why they do that is to create “backup versions” of their bigger accounts. there’s always a risk of losing your biggest account if you did automate their growth. so they try to “clone” smaller versions of their biggest accounts to hedge against the risks of losses

for example, if you have only one 500K account, if you lose it, you lost it. So wise owners try to use their 500K accounts to create smaller 100-200k accounts by shouting out to them, suggesting that their followers follow their other accounts (for similiar contents, but not exactly the same, value-adding etc)


Proof or it didnt happen


They either grow it by promoting them from big accounts or by buying followers. There are no secret tricks where a beginner can do what without investing money or having a friend with big account. Once you grow your accounts you’ll see it’s much easier to grow smaller ones by promoting them on every other post.


Thank you for your help! I read this thread :thumbsup:

Hello and thank you!!!

  • Could you tell me the best 1-2 websites which connect influencers with brands?
    I would like to know something that you have tested it or something that you know that it is reliable.

-Which strategy do you believe that I must try to have a good result ( many followers) at my account? Now the only that I make is to follow /unfollow daily other accounts and to make one post per day.

Hello Alexnvo, these two people that you told me how big accounts do they have ( and how many ) as to increase 100k their new account in 2weeks?
What kind of deal did you make with them?

I am interested to find a solution as to make my two accounts big.
let me know.

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Hello Artie how are you?
When you tell to buy followers , do you mean fake? The point is my account to have real followers as to be in future my new customers or to like and comment my posts.
Let me know.

Don’t call me a liar…
My backup is @alexanderquotes
One of my friends who I mentioned in account is @schoolstweet its now over 300k in a little over a month
There is your proof
I forgot to add, no fakes


i didnt make deals… i seen them grow the accounts. I have other pages to promote my baby page. They grow accounts and sell them…One has nearly 3 million followers in 4-5 pages all in the same niche…

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Six months is a short time to reach 100K unless your in the public eye, or uploading risky content (nudity) but that can result in your page getting banned

So shouts and the kale salad method.

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Damn right, I like to call this process a ‘PIN’ = Private Instagram Network, similar to PBN (= Private Blog Network) ! That’s the way to grow it really quick

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Yes…proven and effective …Instagram doesn’t have a ‘share’ feature as facebook. One of my facebook pages grew to 90k in 5 months back before the algorithm there changed.

Most people don’t understand that it’s not really the “Kale Salad Method”, it’s really IG 101. Pick a theme and stick to it. Most people are all over the place. A dog pic on their ice cream page for example.

But yeah, nice job! How much are the SO’s costing you or are you just exchanging them?

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I have a small private one.

Free…my accounts