100K Followers Only By Using Shoutouts? Scam?

Hey everyone!

So I’m currently trying to grow my personal page but I stopped doing follow/unfollow since I’m almost getting to 10k followers. I started contacting people and I contacted the owner of a few guy pages, his highest followed being 700k.

We began talking and he had a few packages like for example, getting 10k followers for $500 and I told him I needed more than that. Finally, he said that for $2,000 he can get me 100k new and active followers by giving me shoutouts on his pages, as many shoutouts as needed to get me to 100k. It sounds cool but I’m a bit sketched out since his highest account only has 700k and averages 10-20k likes…

What do you guys think? Is it worth it? Should I use the $2k and invest it in another way which will be better for my accounts growth?

Any suggestions and comments will help. Thank you!


I have heard before about those services nerver tried them though

It is definitely possible if he has a network of pages, but i would try slow by maybe giving him 100$ to see if he can actually deliver and then later on invest more


^^^Listen to this guy. That’s a great idea!

EDIT: Just saw that he was only charging $2k for this lol. The method is definitely possible of course, but is worth far more. See if he’ll do a trial so you can see the quality of the accounts coming in.


$2k for 90k followers is crazy cheap. Seems too good to be true.


Signed. It’s probably a scam. What payment methods does he offer?

Or even less. The price sounds too scammy.

Which niche is this in?


run for the hills… 2k to fucking cheap… NOBODY can promise exactly 100k for x…except fake follower sellers and con artists.


I would agree with everyone above. While the method is possible, he either doesn’t know how to price his service (which means he hasn’t done this often) or he doesn’t know what he’s doing - both scenarios being bad.

Yeah completely agree. I hate when clients ask me these kind of questions. They’re just valuing quantity over quality which will always hurt in the long term.

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The method is possible but I don’t see how he can promise the exact number of followers. I would not do it unless I could do it slowly (or a trial) and check the quality of the followers coming in, just like it’s said in comments above.

I can’t vouch for this service but I know its 100% possible.

You can easily gain 100k through shouts.

I think hes going to give you shoutouts which will make it seem like his services are working. And then mix that in with a bunch of fake followers so you get there quicker.

It’s how most fast 100k pages are done, shoutouts…however 2k is way, way to cheap and to top it off, promised amount of followers …nobody on the planet can promise that lie

I’ve seen this before on telegram markets, they call it ‘Target followers’ or ‘Target shoutouts’, so it’s a thing people do. Although paying some guy 2k for 100k followers seems too cheap and too good to be true. But give it a go, do a trial, pay him for 10k and if he delivers go to 100k. Maybe he just sees 2k as a good price.

Don’t do it, you have to make sure you have good content as well people won’t follow u if you don’t have good content like, do u look good? or what do you offer in exchange for their follow.

if you buy shoutouts from just one account his people are going to get bored of you like noooo message other accounts in the same niche as yours don’t just buy from one person don’t pay $2,000 either are you crazy. message 200k+ accounts they will probably charge you around $50 - $200 per shoutout

Doesn’t sound likely to me - Check his 700k followers do they look real?

Although really

I’d say whats the point - the only followers you will get from shout outs are very unlikely to be targeted followers. Mostly likely bots and stuff that could be removed at anytime.

What is your aim here just to get high numbers to look good or to get customers/work?