10k follow page....what can I do with it?

I have a Facebook page that has 10-11k followers it is a very small niche and just wondering what can I do with it to make money?

Every niche has a problem. Solve that problem, either through an ecom product or an affiliate course.

Google it my friend… Indeed is the largest recruiting company I think.

If you tell us what niche you are referring to, maybe there would be more ideas :slight_smile:

Police jobs site. We post police jobs for agencies for free to help get candidates. It is for a single state.

Considered asking those agencies to pay?

Asking police departments for money is a JOKE. Defunding is the last of their problems they are already BROKE :slight_smile:

I thought like you’re doing it for some agencies who are like middleman between candidates and polices, not police departments directly :slight_smile:

Build a website and get it approved for adsense. Post more jobs on that website instead of your page. Then promote the website on your FB page posts.

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No sir there are no agencies that recruit for law enforcement. No money in it.

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