10k followers with great engagement. Possible in one month?

So a seller in my niche (building and selling IG accounts) are telling people he can grow 10k real followers with 15% plus engagement in max 30 days with max 1 post a day. There where some questions about his accounts that he is selling.

I think it cant.


  • Yes
  • No

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It is doable. If you have access to the best engagement groups you can grab 30k-50k per month, I don’t know why he would post only once per day, that seems detrimental.

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I don’t think it’s possible in the “legal way”. Well if you are famouse is possible, despite that i think no.

Just one post per day? It must be hell of a post :slight_smile:

I highly doubt it can be done unless he’s using much larger accounts for shoutouts.


Best i got was 8k followers in 1 month,but engagement was crappy.I just did follow/unfollow.


As the other said, probably he has other huge accounts that he’s using for shoutouts constantly… don’t think there’s any other way…


interesting theory about the shoutouts!

If i grow , lets say 30 accounts in the same niche, i can use it for growing faster the new ones…interesting.

But i dont think engagement can be that great then.

Well I’ve seen people with huge accounts like 500k+ that made new accounts and grew them to 20-30k in a couple of days, only using shoutouts.

It’s actually something people with huge accounts use to keep backup just in case anything happens to the main account…


If you are referring to the guy with BHW sales thread (the one with the bird on avatar), I asked him how he does that. He said he will tell me his exact Massplanner settings for $80. Sometimes he offers the same when you buy 2 accounts.

He never said anything about using bigger accounts to promote smaller ones.


It’s smells soooooooooooooo bad @Johnny :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, we don’t condone this type of thing, but can’t really police it either what people do via PMs it’s their business, all I can say is take care and be sure you know what you’re doing…

To avoid any confusion, that guy made an offer via Skype conversation, I think he is not a member here. Anyway, he has good reviews in BHW and does not look like a scammer. To me, $80 was too much for MP settings, but if I could find few more people to split costs, I would pay 10-15.
I have never seen IG accounts with engagement he has, he obviously knows what he is doing.

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He has. Im not calling him a scammer, but i am getting questions by pm on BHW from buyers of his accounts. The are asking if they are doing anything wrong before they make a topic in the shitlist.

I don’t give them any details and don’t check there accounts because i don’t want to be the person that is a snitch:)

But still i think it’s not possible to grow 10k with 15% + engagement that will stay in 30 days with max 30 posts.

My intention was to get some idea’s if it’s possible. And i have some new tips and tricks from this topic so i am happy!



Thanks for the info, Danny. If I understood you right, buyers are not able to maintain previous level of engagement after they buy the accounts? That would be normal because he does not provide settings to every buyer.

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The you buy an account, with a certain % of engagement. And after you buy it, you dont can get the engagement you promised…Thats strange:)

When i buy a ferrari with 480PK, i will have the 480PK when i get the car. It s what i payed for.

What settings can be so important that the engagement of a post will decrease 50%?

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Really good Question :wink:

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It’s a common theme I’ve noticed with accounts that involve nudity, when they decide to be lazy with censoring and get reported the account eventually gets banned and they just move to #2 which is often linked in the profile as ‘backup account’, I’ve seen a few where people say stuff like “Account 3, lets see if I can survive reports, fuck censorship”

But they’re mostly women posting artistic nudes and think they should have the right to show off for attention, which is when I say… go start a porn website, Instagram has a TOS for a reason, if you can’t comprehend it then don’t use the platform for that content :smirk:

Yea that’s the point. If i buy an account with, lets say, 30% engagement and it suddenly drops to 15% when i start to post, means that seller was using something to boost engagement, maybe shotouts, buying likes or engagement groups.
I don’t think this depends on MP settings

Maybe he just belongs to every crappy BHW engagement group for all of these new accounts and promises ‘lots of likes’ :joy: and that’s his $80 ‘MP setting’ secret.

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When you sell an account, unplug it from MP, stop posting, following and liking, ofcourse engagement will drop. Unless you sell all the settings also.