10X Your Goals. Stop being "Realistic"

I’ll look into that one!!

That’s a great perspective. I love hearing new angles on subjects we’ve been so familiarized with over our lives. So many different ways of looking at things!

Jim Kwik talks about getting rid of your ANTs
(Automatic Negative Thoughts).

Tony Robbins talks about negativity/negative thoughts/negative emotions just really being “Action signals” that you need to change your focus, and physiology. For example, if I were to ask you how does a depressed persons posture look? You’d probably say “slumped over, not smiling, thinking about past mistakes, etc.”

Start with your focus, focus on things that make you happy, stick your chest out confidently and you’ll have more confidence, if you FORCE a smile, dopamine will be released, et. our physiology plays a HUGE role on our emotions!

was here to get some motivation. not disappointed.


loving this thread, really successful people all talk about the importance of mindset and belief

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Ofc bigger goals.
But must be supported with realistic game plans.

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I think both of them are right. This is just mindset for us. In the end all wee need is set a goal and do it

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This is so true,
I’m still trying to get our of the mindset of accepting your limits, the product of working for an oppressive corporate company.

Getting there one day at a time.

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Success is 20% planning and 10000% ACTION. TAKE MASSIVE ACTION if you want to succeed. Beliefs aren’t shit and won’t do anything for you because thoughts are just clouds in the air that you are responsible for pulling down and putting on paper. If you don’t do what you believe, a belief is nothing. Ideas are nothing but imagination unless you do something to make them real.

This is how it is, not what/how it should be or any sort of “ideals” or concepts. Which is more important: 100% believing something without doing anything or 100% doing something without believing anything? Only one of these 2 extremes will be valuable to other people and the world. There is no value in your thoughts unless you materialize that into intellectual capital - value that you provide to others.

Beliefs are important for connecting you to your identity and your “mental ecosystem” but all that stuff is in your head. Only you can see them. Action is the only thing that’s real. 10x your goals.


Definitely need action! Action is the most important part! Beliefs are what cause you to take action! If you believe you’re not destined to do anything great, you fail at everything you do, there’s no point in trying, etc. you won’t even take action…

Needs to start with your beliefs because “thinking” is still an action in motion!

Great post!

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This is my favorite book! Read it over 10 times. This is something so basic in life which everyone can read at any time and any life circumstances. I could write millions of words about it now. I always carry this book with me when I’m travelling and I’m meditating to Eckhart Tolle audios every morning.

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