10X Your Goals. Stop being "Realistic"

This one is from Grant Cardone (Owns $1.2 billion in real estate assets)

Would you rather set your goal to be $10,000 and fall short or $1,000,000 and fall short?

Stop saying “Be realistic” you have no idea what the power of the conscious and subconscious mind are capable of. We all have unlimited potential. When you believe you can achieve/deserve $1,000,000 your subconscious will start manifesting experiences in your life different than believing you can achieve/deserve $10,000.

Question for discussion:
Who is right - The man who believes he CAN or the man who believes he CANT ?


I think Henry Ford (edit: not really sure… probably was Edison?) was right. He said 10% inspiration and 90% transpiration.

The ones who just tell you “you gotta believe it and everything will be possible” are kind of snake oil vendors. No different than in the movie “the secret”.


both …


100% I agree! Definitely need the work to back it up!!

I think believing you deserve/will acheive $1,000,000,000 will have you work differently and with different actions than if you are going for $10,000


Yes!! You got it first


Maybe you should read the stoics. “The obstacle is the way” is a great book for diving into this approach.


Amen. There’s so much fraud in the entrepreneurship culture right now.

There’s something bigger here that should be first addressed. Folks should know their why ever before thinking they’re entitled to a certain amount of income.

I like what Richard Branson says, “Don’t think what’s the cheapest or fastest way to do it. Think ‘what’s the most AMAZING way to do it?”


Thank you! I’ll read that one next!!!

Great quote I live by on fear/uncertainty:

“The Cave we fear to enter holds the treasure we seek”

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The man who works toward his goal is right. Thinking big is often advised by people like GC because it makes sense. When you make your goal exponantially bigger than you initially planned than you’re going to think about different methods to get what you pursue.

If I wanna make 2000$ extra next month, things like flipping sneakers or old things on ebay might be my first option. When I think about making about 20.000 next month I know that flipping sneakers can’t be scaled so much that I hit the goal without sacraficing 20 hours a day.

So you’ll think about different methods to achieve a better and faster return…


Effing LOVE this. I always tell people that it is so foolish to be practical in this unpredictable world. Anything. Can. Happen.
You can do things “by the book” and they still may never work out.
I once read about a doctor who spent his whole life working towards being a brain surgeon. Attained hundreds of thousands of dollars in student depts. That - and he lost most of his adolescent and early adulthood life to his studies. Once he finally got to the stage where he was able to perform his own solo surgeries - he performed only one before he had some kind of accident that messed up his hand and and he never operated again.
Can you imagine? Trying to be so absolutely pratcical. And smart. And doing EXACTLY what you are told. To still have it not work out?
It seems that this story is a bit negative - but the article I read was in a very positive light. It was more speaking from a place of - you can do everything you’re told and it can still not work out. So you MIGHT as well just do what you love and BE WHO YOU ARE. Ya feel me? :slight_smile:



I’m in no way saying just believing will have it come to fruition BUT I definitely think believing vs. not believing will have different results!

You must DEFINITELY know your WHY.

Dean Graziosi taught me to go 7 levels deep. Find your most emotional WHY.

“I want to make 1,000,000”
“So I can help other people”
“So I can help people achieve a better life that I used to think wasn’t possible”

The deeper you go, the more emotional and powerful the WHY.

One guy Dean interviewed was balling by the end of it saying “The real reason is because my mom died and never got to see me become the man I am today. I do it because I know she’s in heaven proud of the man I am today and becoming.”
That’s a pretty freaking powerful WHY!!!


Oooh I guess I know what you mean. Another great book “the power of now” from Eckehard Tolle. Basically he says… don’t live for the future, be in the now. No rocket science here but a good read. In the Western world we are so focused on growth that we sometimes forget about our lives.


Bro this is EXACTLY what I’m saying!!! You hit the nail right on the head. This is a perfect explanation of how different of a manifestation you will experience because of your belief!!

Great post!

Love this!!! Do what you love everyday no matter what!!!

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Love that book! A little too deep and dry towards the end but I’ve used his principles daily, true meditation is focusing on NOW. Even if you focus on the past or future you can only do it using the NOW.

Getting rid of multitasking helps sooooo much with staying present for me

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Ironic. One of my yogi students just bought this book for me randomly. Two hard signs. I better get to reading.
Have you read the four agreements?

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For sure. Love your vibes.
Have you read the law of attraction by esther hicks?
Honestly, this book was so life changing for me that I made a summary and read it everyday until it changed my thinking.
It uses the principles of an “Emotional Guidance System” and it teaches you that when you feel negative - it is so unpleasant - but not because you are deserving of such bad vibes, or because you are right in being down on yourself - but it is because in that moment you are MIS-CREATING. You are thinking out of line with your inner self. You feel so shitty when you think “I am not good enough” because your inner self is using that emotion to try and tell you to stop attracting the wrong future. This really really really changed my whole life. Negative emotions really messed me up. So this really showed me to know by my emotions if I am in line or out of line. If I feel a bit down, I know that my thinking is creating all the wrong things in that moment. So I monitor my emotions and change my thinking when I feel negative.

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but then he became the sorcerer supreme so it still paid off, just not in the way he expected

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no, never heard about that book. Currently reading Tolstoi “war and peace”. Will need a while for finishing it :slight_smile:

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Hahaha Doctor Strange :joy:

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