15 accounst need phone verification!

the reason that im posting this is to help the community so i ask u guys if u have any other good experience with ig share it with us please
i’ve added 50 new accounts (non pva) usually(for me) IG asks me to pv 3-4 of them after 24 hours of being active but this time it was 15 out of 50 (what about you?)
do you think its normal ?
i never had any problems with my settings before infact i’ve always start to follow from 40-50/day/account and increase it 20/day so slow (it takes me about 20 days to reach maximum and for me maximum is 400-450) + i add my links after 1 month ( yeah im using super safe setting thats why i’ve only got 30-40 ban in 500accounts :heart_eyes:)
only this time i started follow/like/repost together i think its the reason
share us your opinion :slight_smile:
ps: i think i,ve found the problem !! i forgot to change the original post cation with my own tags !

Do you rest your new dedicated proxies for weeks before you add the new accounts?

I was unlucky recently as bought ten aged accounts (3 months old) three of them were banned within the first hour and another two banned within two days

Now i am resting my proxies for another week before i try to add new accounts

no i bought new proxies let them rest for 2 days and they were my first accounts on those proxies
i dont recommend you to add new accounts to your banned accounts proxies even if you w8 a month