16K low engagement - hiring IG Account Manager

Hi! My account is a business one albeit appearing personal. I’m looking to hire an experienced account manager (Jarvee skills), who can significantly increase my following/likes/engagement in the fashion/lifestyle niche without the extensive use of f/u and hashtags. I want to get my posts featured in explore.
Please reply if you could offer service, help or have suggestions.


I would highly suggest a few things…

Ask for reference accounts. They should be able to send you a message from ANY account they “manage”.

Check their track record, ask to see their accounts stats.

I am sure there are other qualifiers out there, but I’ve had like, 16 drinks.

Good luck!


Thanks for the quick reply!
I’m completely new to this, do you mind if I ask is it safe and worth hiring?

I’ve never used automated services to buy followers or likes. Gained them by brand mentions and verified users.

You are asking for a lot of things that I am sure that you do not fully understand.

So basic services for you consist of these two things. Follow/unfollow and hashtags.

What people do here is neither fake followers or likes. If you want to hit explore, you should be ready to pay fairly well in U.S. dollars. Hitting explore with fake likes was possible 2 years ago. Hitting explore now is far more complex and will cost you. Not just what the person you hire charges, but photos, content, community management etc.

I am not for hire, but please, be diligent with the responses you get. Good luck!

Thanks for clarifying!
Hope I could find someone to help🙏🏽

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Hi @wortime,
You mentioned you’re not for hire, so was wondering if you could refer someone you know for IG account management. Thanks again!!

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MMm… @Babs, he has his own method but I am not sure he is accepting new clients right now.

What is your niche? What are your goals? How much can you spend? feel free to send by DM so you don’t get so spammed. You will get a lot of DM’s by people that say they can do it, and all will vary. I don’t know every person on the forum, but I can guide you to those that I know that will do a good job for you. Either way, best of luck!

I could potentially do it, all depends on your goals and budget. I’m sure a few people here could vouch for me. Feel free to message me, and I can send some stats and usernames of accounts I currently manage, as well as my own.

Well don’t do F/UF cause it often causes the EG rate to go down.

If you don’t want to botting on your main account and want a premium growth rate, you can hit me up either here or on Skype: lightningking.im . I offer fanpages service (promote your account through a network of account in that niche), only need the username, no password needed.

I could help you :slight_smile:

I have gotten a good feeling for organic growth lately, send me a PM and Ill send you the igblade of an account I am currently managing with 34% engagement without hashtags, powerlikes or engagement groups.

It started at 600 followers at 15% and right now its 2.7K at 34%

Jarvee like exchange…

To everyone who is salivating at the prospect of a new client. Their account is actually done very well and most people would not be able to deliver what they are looking for.

Could they increase followers? Sure. Almost all of us can. However, their account is doing just fine on their own and I’ve advised them to look into ads.

If they choose to work with you, please take good care of that account.

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If you got to 16K organically, please stay away from F/UF or any other service that promises followers, most of which deliver very low quality and will kill your chance of getting to the explore page.

I’d love to take a look at your account, looking at the content should help give you a few tips going forward.
You most likely don’t need a manager if you made it this far on your own.

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Could I get a pm with the name of the account?

Want to see what I’m dealing with before I put up an offer.

A few people can vouch for me on this site, manage accounts for a living, and I dont always work with clients seeking more followers. A few are interested in getting higher ER, and saving accounts with a bad history of management.


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