1st day with IG proxy...1st ban...what did I wrong?

Today I created 1 IG Account with IG proxy (USA) through MP and made it valid. Here the things I think they could be wrong cause I ended upo getting phone verification message and got banned.

  1. I used a ‘‘gfuewgfufg@web.de’’ email
    Q: Is a gmail.com adress with real looking name better?

  2. I set it up to: make operation every 15-20min with 10-15 followings) and 200-300/day…For the likes a few more likes.
    Q: Is that way too much for a brandnew account,? I read the threads like HERE

  3. I promote my own Website, I put the Website URL from the very beginning and uploaded 6 photos (screenshots of the services) within a few minutes.
    Q: How long should I wait to place an Website URL?

The phone verification message came after approx 150 followings and 350 likes (4hours after account creation)
I have friends in foreign countries, I put colombian phone number…but noope, it was logged out and banned.

What did I wrong? Am I right that these were the errors to avoid?
I hope somebody can answer the questions.
I’ve read threads but thoese questions were not answered (placing URL etc)


Before u start your Ig journey get yourself real SIM cards from @BuySimCards then get aged accounts With high quality Ig proxies. I don’t warm up any aged accounts I get straight to aggressive settings . However in 2-3 days I drop the link.

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I just think you have gone to quickly.

Create your account and leave it for a few days.

Like some photos and post some photos.

Start following a few people.

This is how a real genuine account starts.
Only after a week start builing your followers.

After a few weeks promote your website.

Impatient is the killer.

do I really need to buy simcards? cant it be numbers of friends (other countries)

It can’t be virtual numbers that’s for sure. It can be ur friends/family numbers but make sure they didn’t use that number on like +2 accounts already

I wrote the guide and you mentioned you just created the account today and you instantly used the settings. Unfortunately, you left out the most important step in the guide where you should :

If you have a brand new account then I would suggest using the default settings of Mass Planner for about 2 weeks just to warm up your account.

As others mentioned. I suggest getting real sim cards as that will help you reverify the accounts.

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the default settings? then the account would follow more users in less time…like more in less time…how can that be good? sorry just asking

No, that’s not true. For the follow default setting, it is set to only follow 2 - 8 users per hour and for the likes, it is set to like 1-7 posts per hour.

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you’re totally right…btw: what do u think of using accounts of friends (I have many people who have 2014-2015 IG accounts who doesnt use their IG anymore)…they are based in many different countries…maybe they have 300-400 followers, some photos…

What if I get them, connect them to IG proxy (1acc/proxy)…

is that a safe way?

Yuhp. That might be a good idea and you should try it out.

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Thanks for shoutout @SwagWaffle :slight_smile:

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