2 drawings post! lvl3 hype


magic is real! lvl3 lets go!! :innocent:

hope you like the drawings share some thoughts


Well, dont get me wrong here. Your drawings are great, definitely. :smiley: :thumbsup:
But you wont make it to Level 3 by creating so many topics. Some people may think you are spammer, a mole or a spy that wanna force to get on level 3 - and this is reason you wont make it there.

It takes some time, yes. But just be active in this forum, read a lot, help others. If you have useful information and there is no thread that covers this topic, then, and only then, create a topic. Then you receive a lot of likes and then, this is sure, you will make it on level 3.


but im lvl3 allready :open_mouth: (vip)


Really?!? So you can see e.g. the section LOUNGE VIP?


well yes i can


Yep, congrats @petcobra

He’s now proud owner of… well, you know…


A proud owner of? This box of chirping crickets…


The proud owner of this gif


more like this

btw ty for your helpfull comment before it works (the force update thing)


LEVEL 3 !!!



Well, I have been kicked out of Lvl 3