2 factor authentication sms not being received

Hi MPsocial,

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
The 2-factor authentication was working like a charm until last night. Today, my friend updated his iPhone and also reinstalled Instagram because the old one was glitchy. He managed to input his username and password, and everything seemed to work fine, but no 2-factor authentication code was sent to him. Additionally, when he tried using one of the backup codes given to him, it was not accepted.
Now he is not able to login to his account, and he is truly frustrated.

We have tried resetting the mobile data and also logging in through a web browser, but the issue persists. Any ideas?

Please let me know if there are any other mistakes or areas where I can be of assistance."

I have had this issue in the recent past on a couple of accounts. I just rested the accounts and attempted again about 24hrs later - then I received the code and logon was completed successfully. It also happened during weekends… Monday somehow it worked flawlessly.

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Thanks for your quick reply.
We sure will follow your advice. Let the account rest for 24 hours and yet try again.

Do you suggest us re-trying on EB or the Instagram App?

Thank you in advance.

Well… in my case, I used the Instagram App for the accounts that had this issue.
You are welcome.

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Great. Thanks

I don’t want to appear ignorant, but I wanted to let you know that your advice was highly qualified and truly solved the issue. Despite considering myself experienced with Instagram and having tried everything from A to Z, you proved that patience was all that was needed. Thank you once again - the problem is solved and codes are being received again

Thank you for your feedback. Glad it worked for you too. I avoid insisting whenever something doesn’t work as supposed on Instagram - out of concerns that insisting too much can make it get worse… I suspect that logic and deduction often doesn’t work on Instagram :grin:. Those IG logouts being discussed at another thread… It is truly affecting some accounts I manage while others never had a single issue… even using same proxy provider… :joy:

Nice way for AL watching how eager people are to get them back, only to disable them again with a big WHAAAM :sweat_smile:.
I understand that this topic is being discussed in another thread, but I couldn’t find any related threads using the search function - I might be blind!
As feedback for this thread, I’ve read on different forums that the two-factor authentication option on Instagram seems to be a bit unstable and glitchy at the moment. Even when you’re trapped, the risk of not being able to use the security codes provided is very high - this is actually what happened in our case. So, maybe the extra security isn’t that secure after all.

Yet thanks again. :pray:

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