200+ Follows in app, No action block

Just as a test, I wanted to see how many follows I could do before getting a block in the actual Instagram app. With that being said, the account had 546 followers and was created on July 28th. It allowed me to follow from 545 to 1200+ without recieving any block… and then majority of the follows dropped. A little less than 200 follows stuck. I’ve attached screenshot. Look at the time in the images for reference as to how fast I was following at.


are you using jarvee or manually ?

Lol 200 follows in 6 minutes and 200 again in 3 minutes, you sick bro :smiley: Now try hardcore DM-ing the followers. Curious how far you’d get with the same exact message. Maybe even spice it up with a link.

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I use jarvee for my every day operations. But that was done manually, thru the official ig app. It was more of a test to see the difference in the limits; action blocks; etc between the browser, jarvee, and the official app.

In jarvee, I would of recieved an action block. In the browser I would of recieved an action block. But in the app, I never recieved any blocks. Weird thing that did keep happening, every 200 or so follows the app would automatically restart it self and bring me to the homescreen. I would then resume following with no block. I only stopped once the follows started dropping.

Interesting test.

Would be nice if somehow Jarvee could emulate the app perfectly so we could do this inside Jarvee. I wonder if thats even possible to do.

Also I wonder if you stopped before the follows started dropping if they would have all stuck like stopped at 900 or 1000 before you hit the limit.


Yeah, it kind of shows you that these programs dont emulate the actual app as much as you think. It’s odd though why I didn’t recieve an action block after doing x amount of follows.


I had accounts doing 600 follows each day and did not get blocks

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I did the same couple of days, i was able to follow 783 users before i get the first block.

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Having this issue, my macro follows people all day long using my old phone but barely any of the follows stick.

What you need to do is give it time in between following. So essentially It should follow like 50 at a time, and then give it a 30-45 minute break and do another 50 and so on. Constantly hammering will lead to follows not sticking (dealt with this manually building accounts like 3 years ago)

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It is about 25-30 people with an hour break 10 hours a day, it’s not constant.

@ice how many are you attempting to do at once? I took @RustyBread advice and tried approx 300 follows straight and stopped. It once again didn’t give me any action block. It took back approx 100 or so of them follows. So I guess its allowing me to do 200 straight for the day, and anything after that disappears. I’ll try again 3 hours from now and see if any of them stick.

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Maybe try starting the day with 100-120 follows, take a big break like 3 hours, then come back and do 80 or so follows, 2 hour break, 50 follows. Something along those lines. In my experience you can get the most follows stuck with your first big bout in beginning of day.

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Can’t do that with the macro but I’ll try that manual

200 a day sounds about right, after that or maybe 250 they do tend to stop sticking

Yeah, I’m pretty sure if I was to do 100, wait 2-3 hours, do another 100, wait another 2-3 hours they might stick that way.

One thing I noticed since the update is that it doesn’t really pay to try and push thru or bypass the blocks. All it does is lead to the account getting banned. Any ill-actions done within the first 14 days of a new account will lead till it getting banned within that period of time.

“Reason for ban: Excessive following, liking, etc” message was something along them lines.


For those that have been keeping up. So I began this morning with 711 following. Did approx 200 earlier. Attempted another batch of follows just now, 100 or so stuck. It’s at 1,069 right now. I’ll try another 100 or so in a few hours.

Today’s Total Follows 358

Shouldn’t the EB in Jarvee emulate activity similar to the app on a mobile device?

No. The EB is supposed to emulate doing actions in an actual web browser(chrome, firefox, ie). Doing in actions thru the api is supposed to emulate doing actions thru the actual mobile app.

IG obviously can recognize the difference from a mile away, if you can literally follow 200 ppl straight without seeing one block in the app, but if tried thru the api its limited. That further proves that although its against their TOS, they’re still allowing it… as they could block all actions coming from the api.

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Agreed 100% …

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