2018 instagram engagement group

Hey there!

I’ll just keep it short and clear.

I’d like to create a BRAND NEW engagement group for INSTAGRAM (likes,comments, tags on posts) on TELEGRAM for 2018. Would you like to join? Leave your telegram username down below

Requirements: ANYONE can join as long as they are ACTIVE and have a 500+ ACCOUNT. Decent content, niche free.

Cya :wink:

Wow, what a novel idea! Because we do not have 20 or 30 of those already active here!


Oh be nice, he’s new :grin:

But on a more serious note, 99% of the engagement groups on here have never worked from day 1 or have failed after a week. Not saying this one would too, but all signs point to nope, but mostly because I have literally never been part of a successful engagement group ever.


Well, sorry for asking…

Thank you so much for your kind reply! I really appreciate your honest feedback. As you correctly assumed, I’m new here and I tried :confused: I can understand that finding people you can trust and rely on is hard, especially on the Internet. There’s always that one person (actually more than one haha) that takes advantage of the situation. I’ll find other ways to connect with people. Thanks again, Ian :slight_smile:

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It’s just a roleplaying game, @wortime was doing bad cop and I’m good cop. In other words, check the search because there have been a bunch of new engagement group topics posted recently :wink:

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I prefer to be the bad cop. I get more donuts that way.


Okay :sweat_smile: if they don’t work, I’m just going to make an account for shoutouts :wink:

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The best part is that I’ve PM’d all the other posters of engagement groups and have yet to get a response or be added to anything.

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Exactly my point.

My assumption is that they’re just gathering usernames to use them for following their followers, or they’re Instagram shills.

Now will somebody please pass the box of doughnuts, I’m hungry af.


Hey, I would love to join your great Engagement Group . My Telegram is https://t.me/HenryCooper , also sent you a PM with my Telegram name .


hi, my telegram is @jessicalady


Thank you

Just an FYI Julia, you should probably remove your IG username from the post since this is public. Relatedly, I think this engagement group is defunct.


Defunct as F**k

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This thread has been closed because it does not meet the “quality standards”. If you think the judgement is unfair or we did a mistake , please PM me (@HenryCooper) , staff or any other member with a Leader badge ( https://mpsocial.com/badges/4/leader ) , so we can review your engagement group . This has been done because of the recent wave of engagement threads that don’t even respond to people asking them to join or don’t meet any of the requirements a normal and healthy engagement group should have .

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