2018 Instagram Updates

Hey everyone, these are 2018 IG updates! Found this post on growth hackers group :slight_smile:
Maybe it will be useful! I don’t know if this is 100% true, but I read posts simmilar to this, few times across internet :slight_smile:

  1. Less than 10% of your audience will be able to see your posts.

  2. POD groups will kill your organic reach.

  3. Engagement on your new posts will be heavily reliant on your engagement activity.

  4. The exposure of your posts will gradually begin to decrease if you do not respond to comments left on your photo or video within a period of time.

  5. Keep your comments above 4 words at least, to count it as engagement.

  6. A maximum of 30 hashtags may be used on one photo or video. Limit yourself to less than 25.

  7. Recommended using five unique hashtags.

  8. Change the hashtags that you’re using from time to time.

  9. All of the hashtags must now be in the caption; otherwise, they will not show up in the search results.

  10. Your personal newsfeed will no longer be compiled of only the users you are following. Based on your likes and searches, your personal feed will now include strangers.


Debatable 4,6,10 ?

Curious on number 9. My reach from hashtags have been super low. Gonna test this out over the next few days and see whether this is true.

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Most of this is bullshit or already known for literally years , I highly recommend using a different information source . This one will most likely lead you in the wrong direction .

I am not surprised by that . Most of these people handle less then 100 accounts and try to be gurus on the internet with a very limited amount of knowledge and a testing sample size that should not be called “testing” at all :slight_smile:


I don’t believe this to be true. It is what I thought for a long time as well and what I would have guessed IG is cracking down on but I know of several examples where that is bringing in huge engagement and growth.

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This is not true. Just try it out and you will see that you still show up from caption hashtags. This would make it so anyone who hashtagged in the comments makes the hashtag useless if you can’t search it, so what would be the purpose of hashtag comments…

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funny, post this in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and guess what…they will say it is the new feed secrets. Anybody think this crap is actually valid? return all replies with 60 minutes… um yea…


Anything without a legit source is basically bullshit to me.


Regarding 4th point, would liking comments count as engaging? or “must” reply to comment?
Interesting list.

Curious on number 9

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number 9 on that list is pure bs.

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I also have some concerns regarding the credibility of this info…

What if the person commenting will comment in a language that I don’t understand…how am I going to respond to them? Learn a new language?

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this article( not the one who posted it but the telegram articles) is like the one saying – botting is dead forever -… useless reading.

it’s joke lol


number 9 LOL sure…

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I agree with number 7, I have seen some big accounts posting like 3-7 hashtags

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9, it is not sure :smiley:

I am Interesting…