2018 POWERLIKES! What is your "go-to" website?


So am I missing something here? nobody on this GREAT and WONDERFUL forum is the Powerlike connect or knows them?

I think people are holding back… lol


So if I were to have multiple grown accounts in the same niche and have them like each other, then is that just the same principle as bought powerlikes (and potentially better if they don’t use good/relevant accounts)? And is that also the same principle as engagement groups (as far using other big accounts to boost the reach)?


Yes to all as long as 2 things are present.
They are decently active and big enough


Cool. Well I have that in terms of being active. What sort of sizes are required to have an impact? Is it a matter of proportion (e.g. a 10k acc will be able to help a 2k acc lots) or particular size (e.g at least 25k followers needed to have an impact)? Thanks Albert.


10k is really not a powerlike size. Preferably 35-50k or greater.


I just started with YrCharisma CEO Powerlikes and Comments. I will update when I see how it goes.


You had actually just bought a resell of Fuelgram :expressionless::sweat_smile:



Really? Are you sure?


Geraldo’s message on Telegram:

We will drop your account in the following like groups to ensure that your image hits the explore tab🔥
:boom:Xplor 80k

Plus I use Fuelgram on some my accs and I see every day his accs giving likes.

99,99% of All those who you see “selling” 20/50/100K with 100 Million Network are resellers of Fuelgram.

I can guarantee that Real Networks Owners with this numbers charge $3000-$20000 for Powerlikes not $170 :joy:.

Be careful.

P.s “Say him: Hey Geraldo, i used Fuelgram in the past and I saw that the acc in ur “Network” are EXACTLY the same of Fuelgram. Why are you reselling me their Services? “

And please post here his answer :joy:

If you wanna use Fuelgram, go buy a cheap inactive acc and with $10 month you’re set.

Some details on “Groups”:

.20k group it’s where there are less “Fake Botted” accs
.50k More Botted accs
.100k It’s full of fake accs


for powerlikes to be effective couple things COUNT!
1, Content MUST, MUST be viral material
2. The same damn niche. What the hell good does it if a cat account like if yours is auto… simple nothing.
3. Those bigger accounts must be active, else just another like.-- this is were paid likes - real ones - are not cheap
4. they should be following you.


It’s also becoming more sophisticated in regards to how they get to your posts. More value to likes that come from impressions from a newsfeed or a hashtag’s feed, than directly loading the account.


So, at the end of the day you all basically said the same,
you said which kind of powerlikes are good and which not,
but none of you has given us a the name of a good website.

The title of the topic is which is your to go website, we already know powerlikes must come from big real active accounts who provide also impressions with the like, what we don’t know if there is a very good website to buy them.

So hopefully someone will answetr to the question, instead of repeating always the same stuff

Sorry for saying the truth in this way, but at least we move on this discussion, which has the interest of a lot of people here


Thanks for the heads up. I contacted them and asked about this. They dodged the question. I then asked for a refund which they told me they couldn’t do it since I was already added to the network (or some BS like that). I replied and said I would leave reviews of their service on all 5 FB IG groups and this forum if they didn’t send me a refund. I said i was never told they were just reselling Fuelgram. They issued me a refund the next day.


So is this topic closed now? Kinda sad no “good” provider was mentionned…
What do you guys say about infinicore’s autorounds? Do you think it would be good to use the 15k+ niche-specific pods? The bigger ones tend to be from bad, worthless accounts sadly…


Gravedig much? But at the same time. Why not just run a scrape to identify good source accounts for powerlikes, and then send em an email. I’m sure you can get some really good rates especially, with 30-40k. :slight_smile: Its more work heavy, but actually will let you be selective.


In your opinion what would be a good deal? What amount of avg likes per post and followers should it have and what would be the price?


How exactly would we do that?


what is this :powerlikes


My favorite is definitely Fuelgram. It helped me dramatically improve my post reach (actually I do it for the client). It provides likes and comments from real accounts coming from the specific niches. It’s very efficient, doesn’t negatively affect your account and it’s not expensive at all.


The dumb part is that your account is going to give out tons of likes a day from a different location than the one you are currently at… Unless you have a different giver and receiver…