2018 POWERLIKES! What is your "go-to" website?

I’ve been hearing that many of the old service providers have experienced a significant drop in quality over the past few months. Does anyone here have a power likes service that they would recommend?

All price points welcome :slight_smile:


Nice topic. I’d also like to hear some recommendations!

Also, welcome to our community from me too! It’s great seeing you contributing and being active.

Keep it up and good luck on your journey! :slight_smile:


Thanks! I appreciate the welcome and well wishes!

What’re your thoughts on Powerlikes nowadays?

Yes this was needed. I need to test some providers out.



Lol, looks like many people are in the same boat as me :man_shrugging:t4:

Has anyone tried IG Evolve or Boostup Social? Which price points are usually the best bang for your buck? I see that some of them (Boostup Social, for example) have a paid week trial, but I hear that it can be hard to sift through the fake ones, and would prefer not to needlessly waste money.

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@EmpireNetwork You also have to be careful of the promised followers (some offer that). We did one with our account and all the followers they promised we would grow were fake. Same goes for paid shoutouts. Interested to hear a legit one that doesn’t boost your likes from 400 to 2000.

hopefully in 2019, you will have your own powerlikes( can be 1 or more of your own highly active account). each account helping your other accounts to grow.


I believe this has been asked before, but does the trust score/engagement level of the powerlikes account affect the potency?

For example, if account A has 100k followers with 5% engagement, and account B has 50k followers with 15% engagement, which one is more effective?

Both . One is not better then the other

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Interesting. Thanks!

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What are you guys’ general thoughts on powerlikes? It seems like they actually do more harm than good most of the times.

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Actually if you really know how to use powerlikes effectively, it can bring massive result.

When I say massive, I mean crazy growth like 1000+ per day.

What is the effective way to use them?

I tried fuelgram. I think it’s a mix of real and fake likes.

Also tried Ycharisma or something like that. Will get the name and revert.

@heycaptain why do you say so?

I’ve talked to lots of people of which their engagement dropped significantly. Lots of them were in DM groups and used powerlikes. But it could actually have been the DM groups that did the harm.

@LightningKing Care to elaborate more?

I don’t have a good alternative, but please don’t use fuelgram.

All of the likes are empty likes. Which means that it’s just a like without impression. This will not help you hit explore page at all. You’ll need to find powerlikes that give impression which will cost way more than $30 a month.

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Fuelgram is totally BS. That will kill your growth and engagement.

That’s because of IG recent update. Of course, powerlikes and DM group won’t be as powerful as before, but they are still an effective way to grow.

thats what they said beginning of this year, last summer, beginning of last year…DM/EG groups won’t lose any power for one reason… the like based algo. Few real active pages like a post…it gets seen by it’s followers. It is the cornerstone of IG. Time will tell, but they will never lose power. Every social media service proved that.


[link removed by HenryCooper. Reason: Owner of the website has been banned] gives a decent service although it’s a bit expensive.

i saw that post earlier, said nothing automated when it started… now fully automated breaking its own words

do these likes give impressions? or are they just empty likes? I know so fuelgram and a few other services don’t actually give impressions and doesn’t help with reach at all.