2021: Is Instagram Still Hiding Likes in 2021?

Hello, I’m based in Canada. I have 5 instagram accounts that I created all locally in Canada. They’re all enabled and built the same way with the same settings, to see likes and they have always been able to see “likes” on instagram accounts through my Android mobile phone and on the Chrome browser. But last week, something changed. 2 of the accounts cannot see the number of likes by many instagram accounts (or maybe cannot see likes on all instagram accounts). Those 2 would see “liked by others” or “liked by thousands of others” but not “liked by 256 people” for example. But my 3 other accounts can still see the number of likes. My inquiry is:

  1. Is Instagram yet again rolling out hiding likes tests on some accounts but not all?
  2. Or are 2 of my accounts being punished and not being allowed to see “likes”? (Those 2 accounts don’t do anything, they just sit there and are not engaging – wondering if that’s a factor too).

This has been implemented for some time now wherein you can decide if you’d hide the likes count for post or not. You can do this on the app by clicking on the 3 dots on a post, select ‘hide likes count’. After that, you can no longer see the total likes the post got.

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That wasn’t my question though. I want to be able to see the number of likes. I didn’t disable or enable anything.

I just explained what Instagram implemented when it comes to viewing the likes count.

Did you test on the same accounts? I mean if your IG Acct 1 and 2 cannot view username A’s likes count, then you checked it out if it was the same thing happening to your IG Accts 3, 4, and 5?

May we please have the usernames that you are trying to see the likes count on so we can check if we’ll get the same issue as your 2 accounts.

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Yes tested on same accounts viewing the other same accounts. :slight_smile:
Here is an example:

I can’t see the number of likes on the NYC instagram on 2 of my instagrams. But my other 3 instagrams can see the number of likes on the NYC instagram. I tried this on many many other instagram accounts rotating through my 5 instagram accounts and have yielded the same results. :frowning:
English is not my first language so I hope I can communicate my thought properly.

I tested on a few IG accounts (both on mobile and desktop) and I am always able to see the likes count. Even when you open an incognito window (no IG accounts logged in) and look that account up, you will be able to see the likes count.

The only way I can think that this is possible is if they set some posts to have the likes hidden but then again, you can see the likes from a different account… I tested putting one account on the restricted accounts list for another account, and I’m still able to see the likes from the account I’m restricted on…so I don’t think that’s the case too.