2021 Phone Verification and Sims

Hey guys,

Tried to seach but lots of old posts. Just wanted to see what you guys are doing in 2021

  1. Getting PV - what do you do after verification? Wait 24 hours and warm up again?

  2. Sim PV - I see many are doing their own PV with sim cards - do you use sim cards from the same location as your account/proxy? or can it be say account and IP in Australia and phone from US? It definitely will look more natural same country same area code number, but has anyone tried from different country?

Many thanks!

  1. I’m using my accounts after phone verification directly like before. No warm up or anything else. FYI: I’m getting less PV’s because I’m hitting limits barely.

  2. Using own sim cards, but not always from the same country. Sweden Proxy and Sim Cards from Norway, Sweden and Finland. This works perfectly for my needs. When I use Sweden Proxy and Russian Sims for example, those accounts might also work, but from time to time, they get some action blocks.

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