[2024] NEW 100% Real & Organic Growth Strategy, 1K-100K Packages Available, GUARANTEED. IG - Twitter - Tiktok - Discord - Facebook

Fan Page Method

Hi everyone, I am now sharing an organic real, hyper-targeted follower growth strategy with the community. NO risk to main account - NO password needed - NO invasion of privacy - NO padded traffic - NO meme/bot/loops/shoutouts - NO paying for expensive ads. All 100% organic. Although I accept the majority of accounts, I will not accept accounts with jenky content, uncropped/blurry content, lack of captions, etc… kinds of accounts… Please be intuitive about the account to grow. If it is a new account, there should be an optimized bio, and at least 10 posts up that showcase the account & what it’s about.

Fan Page Method is the BEST and SAFEST way to grow your account with TARGETED high quality followers in 2023. All of the work is done from the ‘fan’ accounts, leaving your main account untouched in the process. No more action blocks, client stress, or consistent software issues…

I can do this on Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Discord and Facebook.

How Does This Work?

Step 1: You tell us your ideal follower so we can target the proper niche using target sources provided by you (accounts only).

Step 2: Our team will use seasoned and aged “fan” accounts with related content that will appeal to the target audience.

Step 3: The “fan” accounts will message and connect with targets redirecting traffic back to YOUR main page.

Step 4: High Quality followers start following your account.

You do not need to wait weeks for the campaign to start. We process and launch campaigns within 2-4 business days. Once the campaign has started, we will send you a custom growth report link that will allow you (or your client) to track daily, weekly, and monthly results. There is a warm-up phase for the first few weeks where we test sources and messages until we nail down the targeting and scale # of messages sent. Growth delivery time is NOT guaranteed. We aim to deliver full gains in 30-45 days, regardless of order size, but due to the organic process and specific niche of your account, delivery is variable and can often extend further, especially if it’s a big order. Please understand that the total number of followers purchased is guaranteed, net any ongoing natural losses that may be occurring on the account (ie. account bleeding).

If you are bringing an account that’s suffered account fatigue from previous methods, we will need to account for daily organic losses on the account. I will ask for previous 7 day, 30 day, and 90 day insights of the account involved to affirm account fatigue, if any.

Onboarding Form For All Orders: Here

Is there any guarantee for your service?

Yes. We guarantee to deliver the full purchased gain, in fact we usually overdeliver on the gains. We will be able to accurately track our campaign through custom reporting dashboards on a per client basis. We will not stop exhausting resources until gains are fully complete.


Above is discounted/white label pricing for the community. I understand pricing may be a little higher compared to previous methods/vendors. Please understand that times have dramatically changed, algorithms have changed, and it is extremely difficult to run this method effectively from the backend with constant updates. We are seeing crazy and I mean crazy things now that we have all these accounts running. It’s not as easy as I thought it would be b/c people just don’t follow other people nowadays. We take on A LOT of liability by taking on most accounts and getting legit people to want to follow your account. We exhaust plenty of resources and send as many messages as required to deliver on guaranteed gains. Twitter is kicking ass. Much easier and faster to grow. If you are bringing me bulk orders, I will be able to offer better pricing.

However, it is 100% worth it rather than to deal with constant automation issues, limitations in delivery, or quantitative limitations with bigger client goals. These are real users that only follow the account because they actually liked the content/product/service and/or have found enough value to psychologically decide they want to follow this account. You can retarget these users for business lifetime with your offers. You can even message them and ask why they followed you to ensure legitimacy or develop a relationship. Every new follower is following one of the target sources provided by you. Drop off rates are very, very low. Maybe 5%. And overtime. (if the user goes inactive, abandons IG, new account…etc). I approve 90% of accounts, personal or business, as long as content is decent and/or product/service on page is legit. I start processing the order right away. I have resellers pushing these at 25-100% above my costs due to the quality of delivery and satisfaction of service.

Please PM if interested in Discord pricing.

Can you do trials?

Unfortunately not. I’m all about relationships & long term business connections, don’t get me wrong, that’s how I built my business, but this strategy is just too complex and expensive to risk any freebies. I used to do it when we first launched service for my clients, and even then it was too much of a loss to consistently offer, so I just can’t do them anymore, respectively. I am a serious & professional service provider, but please understand that if I was giving everyone a trial, I would not be in business.

Contact Information

Contact Me Through DM.

How Do You Take Payment?

USA customers can Zelle, Cash App, or pay via Quickbooks Invoice.

All other customers can pay via PayPal Invoice, Stripe Invoice, Quickbooks Invoice, Wise,

Refund Policy

A refund can only be made if we haven’t started processing the order yet, or a partial refund if we did not deliver the order to completion. However, we do not take on accounts if we feel that we cannot deliver the order, or if clients expectations don’t see eye to eye with ours.

Below our some results we’re seeing on our active orders:


Sales Thread approved. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Service is not only strong, but new users are ENGAGING in products/services & actually liking/commenting on posts.

You get what you pay for.

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Service running super strong! 200+ active campaigns, 0 complaints.

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