24 hours block loop with no idea on how to get out. Full manual on iPhone

Hi guys I could need your help.
Months ago I was running my personal profile (I’m an artist) into a bot (can’t name it :rofl:) everything was running smooth than one day I received the famous AC/change your password block.
I was scared so I stopped everything and since I was running just one account I turned manually (around 80 follow per day more or less 80 unfollow and some more likes) and everything was fine for a lot of time.
One day I received another AC and I had trouble to reset the password since I was not receiving any verification code on my phone after one evening of trying I finally was able to change the password but I was in shadow ban ( or whatever you wanna name it) for one week.
Once Everything goes back to normal I start using # again just a few and after some days I started doing actions again.
I was executing more or less 50 follow 50 unfollow and some more likes.
Everything was good for a couple of weeks than one evening I received actions block (I do too many likes that day maybe around 200) for 24 hours.
The day of the block I barely opened the app; in the evening I try to post and found out that the block was 24 hours longer.
I did nothing for two days (one more of the block) then I tried to post and found out that the block was 48 hours long.
I did nothing for 4 days than I posted (without hashtags) and it worked. The day after I tried to like 1 pictures and get blocked for 24 hours two days after I tried posting and it worked (without #) and so for a couple of days.
This morning (after one week without doing any actions) I tried to like one picture and I’m 24 hours blocked again.
How can I get out of this situation? I can’t do any action except posting without hashtags!
I do everything manual on my iPhone I’m logged into 1 account only, I tried to log out and log in, delete the app, contact assistance (without any answer obviously) and everything I could think about.
I’m seeking for your help cause I think you’re the only one that could help me.
Instagram is my main source of traffic so I really need it.
I’m sorry for the long message but I wanted to explain everything in details.

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These been going on for a week at me i cant find a solution yet

Delete the app and reinstall it (or empty the cache of the app from your phone settings/app )change your password again and rest for one week. stop doing follow unfollow or any action for more than one week and start by only posting but not engaging. It should help.and stop doing any follow unfollow for a long time or at least no more that few per day



I already delete it and reinstall it, it’s been a couple of weeks I’m not following (or unfollowing) anyone.
I made a mistake I was doing more or less 30 follow per day just 3/4 per round.
I can try changing the password again and see if it helps.

I’m with the same problem. Accounts running on Jv. I changed the password, rest the tools for 2 days and didn’t worked

Same with me here

Mine are not even logged into any bot or anything else.
I was following 4/5 peoples unfollow 5/6 and likes 30 posts.
Every 2 hours from 9.00 to 23.00.
Every number it’s an average I pick casual numbers everytime for every actions.
Now I don’t think this a use of the app against their damn rules, it’s pretty much what every “normal” user do.
May the problem be that two days before all this mess happens I logged instagram into my website? (To show the feed on the homepage. I use Squarespace).
I honestly don’t think I’m violating some rules

I think is a bug… a friend told me that the only thing is this case is to wait

I’m using EB with this accounts, I will try to change to API… rest for 3 days or more… let’s see

What do you mean by block loop?

This is just the state of Instagram as a platform, they don’t actually want people using it anymore unless they pay hundreds a month in ads.

I am blocked until 19/12 for example.
I like 1 picture on 20/12 and appear the pop up action blocked until 21/12 and so on and on no matter what action I do I found out I’m blocked until the next day. (Date are just an example)
The last two days I could post (without hashtags) today I’m blocked again and I do no action at all for one week (I liked one picture after a week and I’m blocked again).
Basically I can’t use the app

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Oh right Hard Blocks right?

Try switching proxies. Don’t use 4g. They’re overrated.

Have you tried manually change your password yourself?
Then let the account rest for a day and the seconds day Evening do only 1 action - lik/follow.
Also try to use your phone browser via instagram web site.
If it is hard block like exp. till 20.12 let it rest until evening 21 or even 22 and do only 1 action

Ok I understand it and truly hope they’ll close :rofl:
Anyway I have 2000 followers account not even business I don’t think I’m such a big deal for advertising.
And I’m performing very very low action so I’m not so annoying for them I don’t understand.
They are full of the worst type of things and waste resource annoying someone like me (or other like me) with will never pay thousands of euros in advertising.

Yes hard blocks.
I’m not using any bot I’m going manual on my phone.
No proxy, is my account and I use it on my phone, no automation at all.
For scraping I’ve an old account with an old email and never logged into this phone there’re no relation with the two accounts are even in different niches l.

Yes I change it again today. I do everything manual in person on my phone.
I tried to wait I wait 3 days more than the block and I could post again; after 2 days more I did 1like and I get blocked again

I’m having the same problem.
I was going heavy on the follow( around 400 people a day for around 4 days), I had around 560 followers and following around 3500.
I set up Jarvee on the 12/18, and as soon as I started it, I got blocked for 24 hours, only the follow tool, the unfollow tool seems to work. The block seems to have happened when I tried to like a picture when Jarvee was running. My proxy is in the US and I’m not so maybe when I logged with my phone it caused a problem?
I immediately stopped the follow tool of Jarvee and let the unfollow tool run. Today 12/19 after the block was finished I tried to manually like a picture and immediatly got blocked until 12/20.
I really don’t know what to do.
I don’t want to give up, I will do what it takes. I’m just one account and I can’t believe that instagram would make it so hard for businesses. There has to be a way!
Please help!

400 per da it’s a lot. It’s passed some time since I use the bot but months ago you have to be way under 6000 per month, it means you had to be under 200 per day!
But now things may more hard since I got blocked on manual staying under 60 per day!

I’m seeing this on two of my accounts. I was doing manual on both.

It has to be related to the latest update around 5th Dec when the app was down for a few hours.

Last time I got away by resetting the device id. I think I’ll do it again on the weekend.