2fa -- did it go away?

trying to log in my account via desktop chrome – 2fa enabled, code not working for iPhone or chrome( desktop) –
using another phone already logged in to that account to turn it off…can’t find it! Anyone else missing it on settings on mobile app?

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Same here. Can’t find 2fa on Android (Google Pixel 2 XL)


what gets me is on help is says go into app into settings… yikes. Codes from duo on iphone not working uggg. no big, got it logged on other devices but wanted to dl some posts…oh well,… wait till later.

I can´t see it in the mobile app, but it is in the browser once you access your account in settings/privacy. My 2fa did worked so I could access the account in the browser. Probably they removed it from the mobile app settings?

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Yes it is not in my mobile app anymore either.
But is it still enabled?

tried to see anyone else had this on google…seems nobody else notices!

I use Authenticator in my Iphone and it is working just fine.

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Talked to 3 of my friends and they can’t turn the two factor authentication on/off either.

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Heard about this from a few people already! They tried messaging Instagram but nothing helped. Hopefully just a glitch

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a major one too

It doesn’t let me verify via 2 factor as well. The strange thing is that I can log into the account via the EB (the codes work there), but can’t verify it and make it valid.

I think they just removed the option from the mobile app settings. Doesn’t seem like a glitch to me. Maybe after they’ve had the problems with the hacked accounts with 2fa. And yes is still enabled.

they got to put it back, how else we gonna turn it off to get in?

I could enter in the IG browser yesterday as they sent the code to me. It can be turned off there. But how can exactly happen they remove the option from the settings as a “mistake”?

Maybe it’s possible to enter in the IG browser with the backup codes they sent when 2fa is activated, and turn it off from there.

that is not possible – don’t have them

Keep trying then until they sent a code so you can verify, and you can log in the Pc. I can’t think of nothing else :frowning: Also in the browser settings you can get the backup codes again.

Ita no biggie… Account on two phones. Just want to access on desktop and ima going to wait later when they fix it. Last 7 days Insta changed many api endpoints or removed them and they got some other major issues. – example
If success on 2fa and that account goes to settings and hit account data it would get kicked out of the account and need to log back in
This might have been fixed already …

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now accepting code, and cannot disable. Oh well… i am in and not needing to disable it anymore.

So they sent the code so you could enter, but you can´t disable 2fa?
That is tricky, what about if 2fa is on, but they don´t send the code by sms (as many times before) and you just cannot enter in the browser or other devices? :unamused:
The option to disable it was in the browser when I logged.

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