2k Followers In A Month #mpsocialautumngiveaway

There is an app in the windows store for a manual testing helper. Basically, manual testing is testing the GUI of the app. So what does this app do, I will copy paste from the windows store

Automate Manual Testing With This App. Add Left And Right Mouse Click, Add Click Based On Matching Image, Add Pause Between Tasks, Add End Screenshot. Download This App Now!

I tested this app on a virtual machine and it work great.

How to:

Create virtual machine windows 10 or 11.
Open edge, firefox, and chrome.
Login on with ig account on every browser.
For example cat1, cat2 and cat3 account.
Find 3 big cat accounts, open on every browser and click followers.
Open chrome with the big cat account opened and clicked followers, make printscring, open with paint, cut only one follow button, save as png. The same process for every other browser.

Now to configure the software.

Download the software from the windows store.

  1. Left bottom are mouse coordinates. Open Mouse click tab, select left mouse click, write chrome mouse coordinates, click add click.
  2. Click pause tab, insert pause, click add pause.
  3. Click Click Scan Click tab, select browse image, select chrome follow image. Click add Pause if there are two or more matching, enter from to (pause from one follow to another). Click add click.
  4. Add pause.
  5. Click mouse click tab, enter down arrow coordinates, under advanced options click Repeat the task, in how long enter the number of times that down arrow will be clicked and in sleep from repeat task and sleep to repeat task and the sleep time between each click.
  6. Add pause.
  7. Repeat the same process for other browsers.
  8. In the textbox from when to when to run the task every day enter from to hours.
  9. Run task only once or every X hours enter on how many hours to repeat the process.
  10. How much time should the task run enter how much time to repeat whole process.

Unfollow task.

Unfollow settings with Jarvee.

Wait one week after 7-8k follows.
10-20 unfollow during each task.
15-30 minutes pause between tasks.
150-300 pause between following.
Select target users outside Jarvee.

I also post 3 images every day.

Add scraper accounts.
Open repost tool.
Select add to campaign and send to drafts.
I select posts with a minimum of 5000 likes and 100 comments.
Enter your spintax.
Enter follow sources. I enter hashtag.
Other settings I left to default.
Create scheduled campaign.
Select don’t post on all accounts in parallel.
Add pause between post.
Then I select manually post from draft, add to post list, and publish with a timer.

And that’s it from the technical part.

Now the fun how I make money this way.
Well actually I am running this method few days without a problem, follow blocks sometimes but nothing too scary. My goal is to sell the accounts on social tradia after I post 50 posts with 2k followers because those are the minimum requirements on social tradia.

I dont really understand this. Isn’t this the same like you would do in Jarvee? Where is the advantage? Why could you be following over your limits?

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The browser is more trusted, is on windows directly and ig can’t make a difference if it’s human or software.

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But its using a script to move the cursor right? Isnt this really easy to detect that its not a human?

Im confused too. You say you use jarvee, but also a script?

Now, where do you put the proxies, how are you hiding fingerprints and stopping IG from linking all the browsers together? they know what pc you are using, the resolution the ip etc.

Now, if this is in Jarvee then it’s covered. But then what does the script do?

Also the giveaway contest is basically closed.

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@Eleoen the script is in windows, example mouse click c#, so I think that ig can’t detect, but I don’t know, maybe can detect but I didn’t have any problems…

@heroeslair I use Jarvee for unfollow and post. I use my mobile phone connected with usb cable to pc, turn on mobile data, adb forward tcp:6400 tcp:8084, installed server ultimate pro on the mobile phone to make proxy. I have 5 virtual machines which are on mobile data proxy…

Ig can detect any script. It just depends on how obvious it is. Does the code include random gestures like scrolss, misclicks etc?
Second question is why use jarvee at all? Running just follow on one device and unfollow on another is suspicious behavior.