2nd best thing to physical phones?

Hey guys,

Long story short - I’m running out of phones.

I currently manage client accounts off physical phones, which work great HOWEVER

It’s very limiting and annoying at times. Travel? Take 5-6 phones with you (you get pretty funny looks in the airport while passing security). And of course, the big problem - more clients = more phones.

Do you have any recommandations on how to manage this more effectively?

I was thinking about setting up Virtual Servers with BlueStacks on them (or some sort of android emulator) and use that instead - being able to connect from everywhere on the planet through my laptop doesn’t sound bad.

But maybe there’s a better way I don’t know?

Thanks in advance!!

Hire people.
One trained person in 8 hour timeframe should complete all worth-doing actions for 60 accounts, while filtering out bad interactions.

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That’s the plan!

Question is - how do I effectively give them access to 60 accounts.
Logging in and out of accounts is not an option. Also, doing actions on the web browser is also not my preferred option.

Giving them 6-7 phones to log in 60 accounts also not really a good idea.

My first thought was to just keep my own phones always plugged in and give them access via TeamViewer or something like that, but I’m trying to eliminate all the limiting factors to allow for better scaling moving forward.

More like 20-60 phones for 60 accounts,
1:1 would significantly reduce the time needed for each account what can translate to better quality of management or adding even more accounts/ phones per employee.
1:1 also means no log in log out, what you wanted to avoid. All people should work at the office, not remotely, so you, or the manager you would also hire has some control over the process.

Do you count having let’s say 5 accounts logged in on a phone and switching between them as logging in & out?

An office is unfortunately out of the discussion since I’m in Germany. Costs would eat all of my profits, and getting an office and employees overseas (say Asia) is not doable at the current scale I’m running.

If you’re open to I’d love to chat more in private since it sounds like you’re pretty much on a similar path as the one I am, but further ahead :blush:

It depends, I would seperate all accounts on individual phones. Charge more for your service, your employees should be making decent money even in German market to stay motivated while providing the best service to your customers. You can make additional value out of your employees location.
Some people will charge x, and others will charge 10x for exactly the same product/ service, there is much more than the core product/ service for what people will pay.
You can make your prices ridiculous if you know your clients well.

6 accounts per phone and yes switching between them. Logout/login every time causes some HB or compromises if you do it in scale. In total we have 500 phones and living in Germany as well. So it can be done